Bachelor of Arts Degree in English

About the English Major:

  • Engages students in critical thinking, reading and writing and helps them to enhance those skills
  • Provides cultural, historical and social contexts for the study of literature and its applications
  • Offers a variety of courses that integrate science and technology with the humanities and stresses Drexel's interdisciplinary focus
  • Equips students with strong analytical, communication, technological and writing skills to prepare them for careers or graduate work in the humanities, law, teaching, professional writing and various other fields
  • Has a number of "free electives," allowing interested students to pursue a minor in another discipline

The Curriculum

The English curriculum is organized into four areas of study:

  1. Foundation and Professional Courses (50 credits) - In this section are the core courses of a "traditional" English major: survey courses in British, American, western and post-colonial literatures; genre courses in poetry, fiction and drama; advanced courses in mythology, world literature (African, French, Latin American), period studies and major authors; seminars on special topics; creative writing; and the senior project
  2. Literature Electives (6 credits) - Students can choose from several other English courses in this section, such as "American Ethnic Literature," "Women and Literature," and "Literature and the Other Arts"
  3. Applied Writing and Communication Courses (12 credits) - This section has been designed to provide our students with the opportunity to explore writing in its various forms. Several writing courses are offered, including "Literary Editing and Publication," "The Practice of Professional Writing," “Foundations of Journalism" and "Technical Writing"
  4. Science and Technology in the Humanities (12 credits) - This section serves to highlight a feature of Drexel's English major which makes it unique in the region; that is, the integration of the humanities with science and technology. This section offers several courses, such as "Literature and Science,” "Computer Ethics," "Philosophy of Science,” “Technology in Historical Perspective" and "History of Science”

Hands-On Experience

Students majoring in English, or any other field across the university, have numerous opportunities to gain hands-on experience in writing, editing and publishing:

  • Drexel’s cooperative education program (Co-op) allows for up to 3 six-month periods of full-time employment in a chosen field
  • Programs such as the Humanities Fellowship enable students to conduct paid research alongside humanities faculty mentors
  • The Drexel Publishing Group, housed in the English department, allows students to work on four unique publications: Painted Bride Quarterly, an international literary magazine; The 33rd, an anthology of Drexel student and faculty writing; DPG Online, an online magazine of student writing; and Maya, the undergraduate literary mag
  • The annual Week of Writing, sponsored by the department, features writing- and publishing-related events, including writing contests with cash prizes

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Degree: 182.0 credits

English Degree Checklist (PDF)

Recommended Plan of Study

Bachelor of Arts in English: Five Year, 3 Co-op (PDF) 

Bachelor of Arts in English: Four Year, No Co-op (PDF)