Message from the Department Head, Abioseh Porter

Abioseh Porter

Welcome to the Department of English and Philosophy!  As you read through this website, I hope that you will realize that the faculty and staff in our department recognize the central role the study of English and Philosophy plays not only in university education but, indeed, in the understanding of human life and activity. We are committed to creating the most supportive and intellectually stimulating environment for anyone interested in either or both of our disciplines. As department head, I see our mission as providing the best education in the understanding of language, literature, and literacy, in the value of critical reading and effective writing, in the knowing and applying of ethics and logic, and in critical thinking at exemplary levels.  All of these, together with the integration of science and technology, are done in ways that stress Drexel’s interdisciplinary focus.

Because I believe that the disciplines that embody the Department of English and Philosophy perhaps more than most other academic fields of study, train students to shape their ideas with a real sense of human consequences, I see our department as having the following objectives as complementary aspects of our primary mission:

  • Enhancing the creative potential of individuals (students as well as faculty)
  • Creating an environment where teaching and scholarship complement each other at all levels
  • Educating our students to conceptualize and express ideas analytically and creatively, and to reason critically

I appreciate your interest in our department and programs and would encourage you to stay in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Best wishes,

Abioseh Michael Porter, PhD
Department Head and Professor of English
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