Drexel Writing Portfolio

Your Drexel Writing Portfolio is an online space where you will gather artifacts of your writing and explain how those artifacts demonstrate your achievement of the FWP Outcomes (which are adapted from Drexel’s Student Learning Outcomes for Communication). Your tool for constructing this argument is reflective analysis, a process by which you closely examine a variety of your own work over a period of time.

Reflective analysis helps you to make an evidence-based argument about yourself and it’s a skill that will help you not only here at Drexel, but outside of the University as well. In your academic and professional life, it will be important to establish and reflect on goals, to periodically examine what you have accomplished, and to ask critical questions about your learning:

  • What did I hope to accomplish in this class/project/experience?
  • How did I grow as a person, scholar, or professional?
  • What evidence do I have for that growth?
  • How does this growth prepare me for what is next?

In myriad contexts, you will be asked to discuss, either in person or in writing, what kind of student or employee you will be. In these contexts, you will be most convincing to your audiences if you can provide some proof for the claims you make about your abilities and potential. Reflective analysis can help you to provide a basis upon which to make these claims.

As you move through the FWP sequence, the Writing Portfolio will give you lots of practice in doing reflective analysis. The skills you gain by closely examining your compositions, and by making larger claims about your writing abilities based on the composition artifacts you include, will help to prepare you for the reflective analysis you will be asked to do later in your academic and professional life.