If you are interested in a workshop for your students about one of the topics listed below, please contact the Writing Programs via our Writing Consultation page. We can work with you to tailor any of these workshop topics to the needs of the students in your class.

  • Sentence Level Clarity and Coherence
  • Getting Started and Early Stages of Thesis and Dissertation Writing Projects
  •  Writing Abstracts and Proposals for Academic Conferences and Journals
  • Effective Revision (for Large and Small Writing Projects)
  • Integrating Sources in APA Style Writing Projects
  • Writing the Literature Review


If you are interested in the workshop topics above, please sign up for a one-on-one writing consultation appointment with the Drexel Writing Center via our Appointments page. Graduate students may want to take advantage of the Graduate Support schedule that provides Faculty Readers who specialize in graduate writing. However, Readers on any schedule will be able to work with you on your writing project.

If you have questions, please call our front desk at 215-895-6633.