Writing Intensive Courses at Drexel

The Writing Intensive (WI) course initiative at Drexel is designed to help students practice writing, give them opportunities to use writing as a tool for learning, and to introduce them to the writing conventions and practices of particular fields or disciplines.

As a graduation requirement, all Drexel undergraduates must take three WI courses: two courses in their major and one other. Drexel faculty and departments work with the Drexel writing programs to designate WI courses through a straightforward, constructive certification process.

WI-Certified courses are identified in the Course Catalog, and a complete list of approved WI courses can be found here. Note that all courses are not offered every term. Students who have problems completing the writing intensive graduation requirement should contact their advisors.

WI Course Listing  
WI Requirements and Suggested Practices for Faculty
WI Certification Process for Faculty
WI Frequently Asked Questions