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Fall Schedule FAQs


Is my schedule completely final?

Once your advisor has emailed you to let you know your final schedule is ready, your classes shouldn't change. Your class times are still subject to change (make sure to check back right before the term begins for last-minute updates!), but the courses on your schedule should be correct. If you notice anything you don't understand or have questions about, please inform your advisor immediately!

I have AP/IB/A Levels and/or transfer credits. How do they affect my schedule?

If you earned AP/IB/A Levels and/or transfer credits, your schedule reflects these. Let your advisor know if you have any questions about the classes on your schedule.

Why do I see some classes listed multiple times?

Some classes come in two or three different components that meet at different times of the week. For example, many science courses have three required components: a lecture, a lab, and a recitation.

What is an Exam Period (i.e. EXAM 080)?

An exam period, such as EXAM 080, 081, and/or 082, is set aside time when your classes may hold exams outside of normal class time. Make sure to check your class syllabus for indicated exam dates.

Why don't some of my classes have instructors or room locations listed?

Instructors and room locations, if they aren't listed already, are in the process of being assigned before the beginning of the term. Check back with your schedule periodically for updates!

What is "PLEX" on my schedule?

PLEX is a University code and simply indicates that you have been registered for placement exams. Your fall term schedule was created based on the results of these exams. If you haven't taken your placement exams, please do so now! For information on how to complete them, please click here.

I'm in the Honors Program. Where's my Honors class?

If you're an Honors student, you will also be registered for the seminar course HNRS 200 by the Honors College before the term begins.

How do I tell if a course is an Honors course?

If a regular course is being run as an Honors course, you can tell because the section number has an "H" at the end. The most common honors course in the fall term is CHEM 101. CHEM 101's Honors lecture is lecture E, and the lab and recitation sections would have the H in the number: 28H, 71H, etc.

What do I do if I want to take an elective?

If you want to take an elective course this fall, and there is room in your schedule (i.e. recommended credit load is 14-17 credits, but the max is 20 credits), check out Drexel’s Term Master Schedule to see what kind of classes are being offered! Make sure to check out the prerequisite and restriction sections (you can find these by clicking on the CRN – the blue number – next to the course and looking at the details; you can also see if a course still has seats in on this screen) to see if you qualify to take the course. Engineering majors require different types of electives (for example, Free Electives, General Education Electives). To see how to select an elective course and what category that class would fall into, check out this website. Check with your advisor if you have any questions!

1. Visit the Term Master Schedule website.
Please note, the example shows Summer Term – you will want to search for Fall 2015 to find appropriate courses.

2. Select elective subject. Let’s choose Japanese.

3. Choose course.

4. Choose section. Mouse over the blue CRN to see how many seats are available in the section.

5. Click on the CRN to find out more information about the course and section, such as course time, date, campus, room location, instruction type, restrictions and pre-requisites.

How do I know what books to buy?

The Drexel University Bookstore has a great feature which lists all the books you need just for your specific classes! To find this list, log in to DrexelOne, go to the Academic tab, and on the left-hand side there will be the Registration section. Within that section, there is a link that reads “Buy Books.” Click on that and a list of books for your classes will be generated.

I don't see UNIV E101 on my schedule. Where is it?

Most freshman engineering students take an online version of UNIV E101, so if you do not see the course on your "Schedule by Day and Time," please go to "Student Detail Schedule." You will have access to this course beginning the first day of class. Your advisor, who is the instructor for the course, will send you more information about this soon via email so be on the look out for this!