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Class Registration

For instructions on how to register for classes, click here.

Freshman Engineering Guide To Web Registration

Step 1: Which courses should you register for? Please visit the University Catalog. Once you are on the catalog, please select "Majors," find your major, and on the right hand side, click "Sample Plan of Study."

Step 2: Use DrexelOne or the Term Master Schedule.

Step 3: Use the Weekly Grid (XLS) to help you “map out” your schedule.

Write down your preferred section numbers and CRNs (the 5-digit Course Registration Numbers) for each course.  Examples:

  • Common Exam 080, Section 001, CRN 10212
  • BIO 141, Lecture A, CRN 32729 (remember to also register for recitation and lab)

**Plan your schedule with multiple options just in case the course(s) or section(s) you want are closed by the time you are able to register**

Step 4: Log into DrexelOne when your Time Ticket opens to register your courses.

If you have a hold on your account, neither you nor your advisor will be able to register you for classes.  The most common holds are Health Insurance or Immunization Holds and Financial Holds.  If you have one of these holds, please contact the appropriate office to resolve the situation.


How do I register?

Please see Drexel Central's guide to registration here.

What classes do I take?

Please refer to Step 1 guidelines above.

If you are unsure which classes to take after reviewing the catalog, please contact your academic advisor.

When do I take CO-OP 101?

If you are a 5-year student assigned a Fall/Winter Co-op cycle, CO-OP 101 you will take this class in the winter of your freshman year. If you are a 5-year student with a Spring/Summer cycle CO-OP 101 will be registered for you in the spring term of your freshman year.  If you are a 4-year student you will take it in your sophomore year.

What do all of those letters and numbers mean?

It is EXTREMELY important to check the number of required components of each course. Typically, lectures are identified by LETTERS (e.g., CHEM 102 B), recitations are identified by LOW numbers (e.g., CHEM 102 002 or 030), and labs are identified by HIGH numbers (e.g., CHEM 102 060 or 073).  Make sure you register for all parts of a course at the same time, otherwise you will not be able to add the course.

What are co-requisites?

Co-requisites are two courses that you are required to take together. For example,  the Common Exam Period is a co-req for your math and science courses- e.g., EXAM 080 is required for MATH 122.  Got an error?  Please check the common errors and contact your advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

What are pre-requisites?

Pre-Requisites are courses that you need to successfully complete before advancing to another class.  You may run into this issue in the winter term if registering for electives.  Please ask your advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

The course is full, now what do I do?

You cannot add courses that are full to capacity!  Full (or “closed”) courses don’t show in DrexelOne and are listed as “Full” on the Term Master Schedule.  Your advisor also cannot add you to full sections; you will have to choose another section.

The Term Master Schedule says the course is open, but DrexelOne won’t let me register!

The Term Master Schedule does not update in “real time.” During the registration period, it updates infrequently; DrexelOne is your most accurate source of information for whether or not a course is full to capacity.