Quick Tips for Academic Success

These video presentations provide practical tips for academic success, specifically for international students - all in five minutes or less.

Academic Reading Skills and Strategies Series

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Module 1: Setting Reading Goals

  • Guides you in considering three questions that help you set goals for your readings, which you will prepare you for future assignments related to the readings.

Module 2a: Examining the Text Structure

  • Gives you pointers on how to analyze text organization, and to explore how the main ideas in the reading are developed.

Module 2b: Skimming the Text for the Main Idea

  • Shows how to quickly skim through a text for key words and phrases that will help you figure out the main idea.

Module 2c: Previewing Conclusions and Questions, and Planning your Reading Time

  • Demonstrates how analyzing questions and text conclusions, or endings, can help you identify what your supposed to learn from the reading. In addition, you will consider text difficulty in planning your reading time.

Module 3: The Three Levels of Reading Comprehension

  • Demonstrates three levels of reading comprehension, including surface, mid-level, and deep. Different levels of comprehension will be appropriate depending on the level of importance for the reading.
Module 4: Taking Notes
  • Outlines a variety of methods for note-taking, and offers strategies for studying that are based on three individual learning styles.

Module 5: Vocabulary

  • Utilizes six vocabulary strategies for figuring out and remembering difficult words.

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