Tutoring and Language Support for Drexel International Students

About the Tutoring Service

International students can face unique language challenges as they navigate university life at Drexel. The ELC's Tutoring and Language Support office currently offers free, one-on-one tutoring to any Drexel  student for whom English is a second language. Topics include: 

• Listening
• Speaking
• Reading comprehension
• Writing
• Vocabulary development
• Academic study skills
• Resources for self-study

Students new to the Tutoring program first complete a language support consultation, a 50-minute diagnostic session and interview in which a trained ESL tutor assesses the student's strengths and weaknesses in English. Then, based on the student's needs and goals at Drexel, the tutor can provide a detailed list of support resources and strategies for self-study, and/or recommend ongoing tutoring.


How to Sign Up

Undergraduate students, please schedule appointments through our online reservation system.

Graduate students, language tutoring is available through the Office of Graduate Studies. Please contact Ms. Sandra Golis, Administrative Coordinator, for more information or to request an appointment.


Contact Us

Any questions may be directed to