Tips for Success

“Learn how to motivate yourself and stay on top of things. You'll get a lot out of this program if you put a lot into it.”

-Michael Hughes, MS EM Alumnus 2010, Analog Devices-Jamestown, NC


“Pace yourself. Don't start out too strong taking two or more classes at a time. Start out with one class; get a feel for the workload needed and then that will give you an idea of what is required to be successful in future courses and/or quarters.”

-Olatunde Ajala, MS EM Alumnus 2010, Lockheed Martin - League City, TX


“Keep up with each class and each class's readings. On-line is not self-paced and 10 weeks does not afford any time to waste.”

-Carlo Ciliberti, MS EM Alumnus 2010, Lockheed Martin-Moorestown, NJ


“The program requires dedication and motivation, and an ability to learn by reading. While the courses are not self-paced in that assignments have deadlines, the program requires you to be proficient at independent study.”

-Shawn Bowen, MS EM Alumnus 2010, US Army-Joppa, MD