Online Learning

In 1997, Engineering Management began to transition to an online curriculum. This was to accommodate the demanding schedules of our students, who juggle professional and family obligations while taking one to two courses per term. Rather than fighting hours of traffic in a commute, our online curriculum saves time and offers students flexible scheduling.

Over the past 10 years, Drexel’s ambitious innovation and dedicated Information Resources & Technology (IRT) staff have worked tirelessly to set the national standard for online graduate education. Using the course management system Drexel Learn (formerly BbVista), Drexel students are able to view lectures, submit papers and exams, post discussions, chat with other students, and even video conference. Drexel students also have access to the Online Learning Team (OLT), an entire department of experts dedicated to guiding students through any technical issues.

Because of the hard work and high standards of quality put into the program, Drexel University in no way distinguishes between its online and on-campus curriculum. When you graduate from Engineering Management, you will not have an “online degree” – you will have a Masters degree from the largest private engineering university in the country.

For technical issues or questions, contact the Office of Information Resources and Technology (IRT) or the Online Learning Team (OLT).

Students can also now access their coursework from their smartphones with Blackboard Mobile Learn (PDF)!