Fellowship Opportunities

Drexel Fellowships Office

Drexel University has developed a website to help raise awareness about fellowship opportunities which features:

  • A database created by Drexel University which pools together many fellowship opportunities which would appeal to our students 
  • Links to external databases featuring even more fellowship opportunities
  • Information on eligibility (some are based on financial need, some are based on academic merit, some are based on both or neither!)
  • Instructions and tips for success in how to apply for a fellowship (Letters of Recommendation, Essay Writing)
  • Student Success Stories

What is a Fellowship?

Fellowships are nationally and internationally prestigious merit scholarship programs that support undergraduate or graduate study, research or work experiences, here in the U.S. or overseas. They can range from short, quarter-long opportunities to multiple years of funding. Above all, fellowships support outstanding students in their efforts to do great work in the world, opening doors to mentoring, graduate schools, and careers.
A number of fellowships require nomination or interview through the Drexel Fellowships Office.

I am pursuing the online MS Engineering Management on a part-time basis because I’m a working professional in my field. Do these opportunities apply to me?

YES THEY DO! Be original, inventive and resourceful in your application! You may qualify, if you can convince the evaluators of your case.

  • Example 1: If you see a fellowship with eligibility criteria of “must be pursuing environmental studies,” does that mean you have to be a MS ENVE major; perhaps you have completed some of your graduate electives in that area and you are spearheading management of an environmental issue at your engineering firm! Write a convincing essay on why you are deserving of this award.
  • Example 2: Have you always wanted to travel overseas and give your child an experience living outside of the U.S.? But, it’s not practical because you work here and need to support your family. Maybe your employer will grant you a 6-month leave of absence with a stipulation of conducting research which would meet needs which align with the corporation’s strategic objectives!

A partial list of Fellowship Opportunities has been compiled by the Drexel Fellowship Office. The list includes the most relevant opportunities for College of Engineering graduate students with descriptions, eligibility requirements and deadlines. Students are encouraged to review these, along with others (perhaps some Fellowship Opportunities specific to management, social sciences, business and law), linked through the databases referenced on the Drexel Fellowships Office website.

Students are also encouraged to visit the following sites to build a profile which would trigger opportunities to be sent their way via email: