Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase textbooks and software for my classes?

All required texts and most software can be purchased at the Drexel Bookstore.  Software not available through the bookstore will either be offered free of charge from Drexel, or a separate vendor will be identified.

When is the last date I can drop a class without financial penalty?

The last date to drop a class without financial penalty is the final day of the second week of the term. This date is the same whether, as occasionally happens due to holiday scheduling, you have class the first week of the term or not. After the second week you are charged a predetermined percentage according to the Bursars Office.

Do I have to take EGMT 571: Managerial Statistics I, and does it count toward my degree?

EGMT 571: Managerial Statistics I is required for all students as a pre-requisite to Managerial Statistics II. In addition, the credits for the course do not count towards your degree. We have created this policy because we found that many students did not have sufficient skills in statistics upon entering the program. Managerial Statistics I is designed to instill those fundamental skills that will be needed all through the EGMT quantitative sequence.

For those students who believe they have sufficient statistics experience, we do offer an exam to waive Managerial Statistics, which is offered only in the Spring. For more information, email

I've never taken an online class before; how does it work?

Engineering Management uses Drexel Learn for all classes. This is an online learning platform that allows for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Courses are structured into weeklong modules incorporating methods such as required readings, online lectures, discussion boards, quizzes, and tests.

Resources for learning the Drexel Learn system are available from Drexel's Office of Information Resources & Technology. In addition, some professors offer orientation sessions at the beginning of each term.

I need to take a couple of terms off to handle personal matters. Do I need to do anything to make sure I remain a student?

We ask that you contact us via e-mail at and inform us of your intention to take a few terms off. When you are ready to return, please contact us again so that we can make sure your status is upgraded to "active" and you are able to register for classes. Keep in mind that there is a time limit for completing your coursework for graduation, and if you think you may exceed this time limit (7 years) please contact the department and discuss the situation with your advisor.

How long does it take to complete one of Drexel's online Master's degrees in Engineering?

Average times to complete the M.S. range from 2-4 years, but this can vary greatly from student to student. The length of the program depends on how many credits a student transfers into the program and how many courses a student takes per quarter.

Generally, students take a part-time courseload of 1-2 courses per quarter because of family and work commitments. Full-time students may take up to 3 courses per term.

Are there scholarship opportunities available to students in the Engineering Management Program?

Yes.  Although there are not any EGMT-specific scholarships, there are a large number of fellowships available to Drexel students.  We encourage you to read the Fellowship Opportunity webpage carefully to see what applies to you personally.

What is the tuition rate for graduate courses at Drexel?

You can find the current tuition and fees at