EGMT 573: Operations Research I

Professor Richard Grandrino Instructor: Richard Grandrino

Description: Operations Research is a powerful discipline that involves the study of quantitative tools and techniques used in business operations. This course focuses on fundamental theory and applications associated with mathematical modeling and analysis.
With the emergence of advanced information technology and simulation/modeling, OR has taken on a new evolution of decision making. This course presents classical applications of OR theory as well as discussions of simulation and modeling perspectives. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to formulate mathematical models for the purpose of solving problems, conducting sensitivity analysis, and gaining insight into key variables that contribute to the model objective.

Prerequisites: "C" or better in EGMT 572

Required Text:

  • Operations Research, Applications & Algorithms 4th ed. by Wayne L. Winston. ISBN-10: 0534380581 or ISBN-13: 978-0534380588.

Scheduled: Winter and Summer