EGMT 572: Managerial Statistics II

Professor Richard Grandrino Instructor: Richard Grandrino

Description: Statistics is the major research tool of almost all disciplines. Statistics provides students with capabilities and skills necessary to analyze and understand data.
Managerial Statistics II provides a "hands-on" approach to solving statistical problems by emphasizing theory and application. Students taking this course should have a basic understanding of fundamental statistics that includes; the concept of probability, continuous and discrete probability distributions and data sampling theory. This course elaborates on more advanced statistics such as hypothesis testing, analysis of variance and regression.
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
* Understand statistical analysis and hypothesis tests associated with sampling data
* Understand and apply the concept of analysis of variance (ANOV)
* Understand and perform regression analysis
* Use software to solve statistical problems.

Prerequisites: "C" or better in EGMT 571

Required Textbook:

  • Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 8th ed. by Jay L. Devore. ISBN-13: 9780538733526. 

Required Software:

Scheduled: Fall and Spring