How to Support Drexel and EGMT

The achievements of the past are only as valuable as the vision they inspire in us for the future.” - President John A. Fry

With President Fry's words in mind, there are a number of ways that you can give back to the University.  Your support is crucial to helping Drexel fulfill its civic-minded vision, and it has the added bonus of bolstering the reputation of your own degree.  Please consider the following, and do not hesitate to contact Chris Morse with any questions.

  • Please consider making a gift to Drexel University.  You can read more about Drexel's vision and plan for the future at the Institutional Advacement webpage.
  • Drexel University is seeking partnerships with corporations, health systems, school districts, professional associations, and other groups to provide tuition discounts for students.  Please refer your employer to DrexelPro if they may be interested.
  • One of the cornerstones of a Drexel education is the co-op program, which provides employers with talented and motivated workers, and provides students with invaluable professional experience.  This is a great program that relies on the support of local employers.  Please tout the co-op program to your employers if they may be of interest.