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Suryadevara Basavaiah
Teaching Professor

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Bossone 412

Computer engineering; computer engineering education; custom circuit design; VLSI technology; process and silicon fabrication

Tom Chmielewski
Assistant Teaching Professor
Drexel Engineering Core Curriculum

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Bossone 413E

Modeling and simulation of electro-mechanical systems; pptimal, adaptive and non-linear control; DC motor control; system identification; kalman filters (smoothing algorithms, tracking); image processing; robot design; biometric technology and design of embedded systems for control applications utilizing MATLAB and SIMULINK

Andrew Cohen
Associate Professor

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Bossone 110

Image processing; multi-target tracking; statistical pattern recognition and machine learning; algorithmic information theory; 5-D visualization

Fernand Cohen

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Bossone 410

Computer vision; medical image processing; applied stochastic processes

Kapil R. Dandekar
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, College of Engineering

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LeBow 239

Software defined/cognitive radio prototyping; reconfigurable, metamaterial, and non-traditional material antennas for wireless systems; smart textiles for biomedical monitoring applications; smart antenna/MIMO systems for wireless communications; sensor networks for air quality and homeland security; free space optical and ultrasonic communication; wireless physical layer security; service learning and cybersecurity education

Afshin Daryoush

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Bossone 501

Microwave photonics systems; nonlinear microwave circuits; RFIC and wireless communications; antennas and radiating systems; electromagnetic interaction with biological systems

Jaudelice Cavalcante de Oliveira
Associate Professor
Associate Department Head of Undergraduate Affairs

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Bossone 313b

Software-defined networking; social and economic networks; network security; design and analysis of protocols, algorithms and architectures in computer networks, particularly solutions for the Internet of Things

Bruce Eisenstein
Arthur J. Rowland Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vice Dean, College of Engineering

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Center for Automation Technology 170

Pattern recognition; estimation theory; decision theory; digital signal processing

Robert Fischl
Professor Emeritus

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Power systems; power electronics; systems analysis; optimization

Adam Fontecchio
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, College of Engineering
Associate Director, Expressive and Creative Interactive Technologies (ExCITe) Center

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University Crossings 120

Electro-optics; liquid crystals; polymer dispersed liquid crystals; holography; remote sensing; color filtration; electrically switchable Bragg gratings

Gary Friedman

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Bossone 510

Magnetic sensors; miniature Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) systems; Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Eli Fromm
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
LeRoy A Brothers Professor, Educational Research & Development

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Bossone 513b

Innovative structures, content, delivery methods and assessment of the undergraduate engineering educational experience; extensions to the K-12 school environment with engineering as a contextual means to support creative approaches to learning science and mathematics; development of the technological workforce and professoriate of the future; technological literacy

Edwin Gerber

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Bossone 411

Computerized instruments and measurements; undergraduate engineering education

Allon Guez

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Bossone 101

Control systems; decision making and optimization in business systems; automation; biomedical systems and devices; neuro-engineering; machine learning and adaptation

Peter Herczfeld
Lester A Kraus Professor

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Bossone 511

Microwave photonics, including optically controlled and activated high speed devices; microchip lasers; optically generated high fidelity microwave and millimeter-wave signals; coherent fiber-optic links; all-optical microwave receivers; applications of photonics and microwaves to biology and medicine; renewable energy sources; energy policy

Leonid Hrebien

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Bossone 310

Dynamics and controls of biological systems in the context of aerospace medicine, especially the development of G-suits for aircraft pilots; detection and estimation in large scale databases of biological data (e.g., proteomics and cytometry) with applications in predictive toxicology and drug development

Paul Kalata
Associate Professor

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Bossone 102

Stochastic and adaptive control theory; estimation, identification and decision theory; computer control; system design; Kalman filters

Nagarajan Kandasamy
Associate Professor
Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs

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Bossone 603

Computer performance management; computer architecture; fault-tolerant systems; dependable computing

Bruce Katz
Adjunct Professor

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Neural networks; the study of aesthetics; artificial intelligence; music perception

Youngmoo Kim
Associate Professor
Director, Expressive and Creative Interactive Technologies (ExCITe) Center

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Bossone 413d

Machine listening and learning; audio signal processing; human-computer interaction; audio source separation; audio data compression

Timothy Kurzweg
Associate Professor

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Bossone 601

Micro-optical systems; optical spectroscopy; programmable imaging with MEMS; bio-sensors; diffuse optical communication; MEMS fabrication; diffractive optics; optical automation; optical modeling and simulation; magnetic particle locomotion; meta-materials; reconfigurable antennas

Mohammad Madihian
Adjunct Professor

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Solid-state device-circuit interaction; microwave and millimeter-wave monolithic circuit design and evaluation technology; solid-state power generation/amplification/mixing technology; single/multi-mode wireless RF/IF transceiver technology

Karen Miu

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Bossone 413a

Power systems; distribution networks; distribution automation; optimization; system analysis

Bahram Nabet

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Bossone 502

High speed semiconductor devices (photodetectors and transistors); optoelectronics; nanoelectronics; plasma electronics; and nanophotonics

Prawat Nagvajara
Associate Professor

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Bossone 103

Application specific computing; reconfigurable computing; field programmable gate arrays (FPGA); custom computing

Vasileios Nasis
Associate Teaching Professor

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3101 Market St, Room 252b

Imaging with MOEMS; projection systems using MEMS/MOEMS; wireless communications; remote monitoring; sensor networks

Dagmar E. Niebur
Associate Professor

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Bossone 402

Electric power systems dynamics; security, monitoring and control of non-linear hybrid systems; design and control of terrestrial power systems; shipboard systems; intelligent information processing including neural nets, fuzzy systems and blind source separation techniques

Chika Nwankpa
Department Head, Professor

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Bossone 313a

Power system dynamics; stochastic modeling; power electronic switching systems; optically controlled high power switches

Christopher Peters
Teaching Professor

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Bossone 512

Nuclear reactor design; ionizing radiation detection; nuclear forensics; power plant reliability and risk analysis; naval/marine power and propulsion; directed energy/high power microwaves; nonstationary signal processing; radar; electronic survivability/susceptibility to harsh environments; electronic warfare

Karkal Prabhu
Teaching Professor

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Bossone 612

Computer engineering education; computer architecture; embedded systems

Gail L. Rosen
Associate Professor

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Bossone 403

Digital signal processing; machine learning genomics; biological modeling; chemical source localization and tracking

Iman Salama
Assistant Teaching Professor, Drexel at BCC

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856-222-9311 ext 2045

TEC 211F

RF and microwave filter analysis and design, applied electromagnetics, numerical techniques, time domain reflectometry, time domain and frequency domain microwave measurements, simulation and modeling, material characterization

Ioannis Savidis
Assistant Professor

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Bossone 610

Analysis, modeling, and design methodologies for high performance digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits; Emerging integrated circuit technologies; Electrical and thermal modeling and characterization, signal and power integrity, and power and clock delivery for 3-D IC technologies

Kevin J. Scoles
Associate Professor

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Bossone 413c

Engineeering education and student retention; alternative energy; electronic circuit applications; microelectronic packaging

Harish Sethu
Associate Professor

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Bossone 611

Network science and data mining; social computing; web security and privacy; web performance; design and analysis of protocols, architectures and algorithms in computer networks

James Shackleford
Assistant Professor

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Bossone 211

Medical image processing, high performance computing, embedded systems, computer vision, machine learning

P. Mohana Shankar
Allen Rothwarf Professor

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Bossone 311

Wireless communications; channel modeling; ultrasonic Imaging; medical ultrasound; fiber optic sensors; biophotonics

Matthew Stamm
Assistant Professor

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Bossone 413f

Information Security; multimedia forensics and anti-forensics; information verification; adversarial dynamics; signal processing

Baris Taskin
Associate Professor

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Bossone 413e

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) of VLSI Circuits; high-performance circuits; resonant clocking; integrated circuit (IC) physical design; nanoarchitectures; and wireless IC interconnects

Lazar Trachtenberg

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Bossone 111

Fault tolerant and secure computing machines; optimal design methods; theory of logically computing machines; multi-objective signal processing

Oleh Tretiak
Emeritus Professor

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Bossone 413j

Imaging and image processing

John MacLaren Walsh
Associate Professor

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Bossone 203

Bounding the region of entropic vectors and its implications for the limits of communication networks, big data distributed storage systems, and graphical model based machine learning; efficient computation and analysis of rate regions for network coding and distributed storage: code construction, polyhedral computation, enumeration, hierarchy, and symmetry; Information Theory and Coding for Distributed and interactive function Computation, with applications in wireless resource controller design and computational learning architectures for big data processing systems; Machine Learning Assistance for and Enhancement to the Processing of Patents.

Steven Weber

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Bossone 313d

Mathematical modeling of computer and communication networks, specifically streaming multimedia and ad hoc networks.