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Course Groupings

The ECE Department has created a number of graduate course groupings to help guide the program planning process of graduate students in the department as well as departmental curriculum planning. These course groupings have been constructed in order to provide in depth coverage of a single topic or a set of closely related topics or to present a substantive overview of a subfield within the domain of electrical and computer engineering. Course groupings consist of either two or three courses, some of which are formally sequenced by prerequisite requirements and others which are related only by content.

Many of the departmental graduate course groupings consist of courses that are regularly offered by the department; the groupings consisting of these standing courses are listed below. Occasionally, though, the faculty create a set of special topics courses that are considered by the ECE Department to be a graduate course grouping. These groupings are noted on the departmental course offerings page for the academic year in which the grouping was offered or is to be offered. Please refer to the departmental graduate course offerings page for a list of these departmental graduate course offerings pages broken down by academic year.

Computer Engineering

VLSI Circuit Design

  • ECEC 571: Introduction to VLSI Design
  • ECEC 572: ASIC Design I
  • ECEC 573: ASIC Design II

Computer Architecture

  • ECEC 621: High Performance Computer Architecture
  • ECEC 622: Parallel Computer Architecture
  • ECEC 623: Advanced Parallel Computer Architecture

Computer Networking

  • ECEC 631: Principles of Computer Networking
  • ECEC 632: Performance Analysis of Computer Networks
  • ECEC 633: Advanced Topics in Computer Networking

Automation in VLSI Circuit Design

  • ECEC 671: Electronic Design Automation for VLSI Circuits I
  • ECEC 672: Electronic Design Automation for VLSI Circuits II
  • ECEC 673: Deep Sub-Micron Integrated Circuit Design


Microwave Systems Engineering

  • ECEE 517: Microwave Networks & Transmission Media
  • ECEE 518: Microwave Passive Components
  • ECEE 519: Microwave Active Subsystems

Electronic and Photonic Devices

  • ECEE 520: Solid-State Electronics
  • ECEE 521: Bipolar and FETs
  • ECEE 522: Photonic Devices

Fundamentals of Photonics

  • ECEE 541: Photonic Systems
  • ECEE 552: Optical Applications of Diffraction and Interference

Fiber Optics & Optical Communications

  • ECEE 641: Fiber Optics & Optical Communications I
  • ECEE 642: Fiber Optics & Optical Communications II

Power Engineering

Power Systems

  • ECEP 501: Power System Analysis
  • ECEP 502: Computer Analysis of Power Systems
  • ECEP 503: Synchronous Machine Modeling

Power Distribution

  • ECEP 601: Modeling & Analysis of Power Distribution Systems
  • ECEP 602: Power Distribution Automation and Control
  • ECEP 603: Service and Power Quality in Distribution Systems

Advanced Topics in Power Systems

  • ECEP 610: Power System Dynamics
  • ECEP 611: Power System Security
  • ECEP 612: Economic Operation of Power Systems

Power Electronics

  • ECEP 671: AC-DC and DC-AC Power Electronic Converters
  • ECEP 672: Power Electronic Experiments: Hardware and Software
  • ECEP 673: Power Electronic Applications

Systems Engineering

Fundamentals of Systems

  • ECES 511: Fundamentals of Systems I
  • ECES 512: Fundamentals of Systems II
  • ECES 513: Fundamentals of Systems III


  • ECES 521: Probability & Random Variables
  • ECES 522: Random Processes & Spectral Analysis
  • ECES 523: Detection and Estimation Theory

Audio Signal Processing

  • ECES 558: Digital Signal Processing for Sound & Hearing
  • ECES 559: Processing of the Human Voice
  • ECES 660: Machine Listening and Music IR

Medical Robotics

  • ECES 561: Medical Robotics I
  • ECES 562: Medical Robotics II

Signal and Image Processing

  • ECES 631: Fundamentals of Deterministic Digital Signal Processing
  • ECES 632: Fundamentals of Statistical Digital Signal Processing
  • ECES 682: Fundamentals of Image Processing


Fundamentals of Telecommunications

  • ECET 511: Physical Foundations of Telecommunications Networks
  • ECET 512: Wireless Systems