Filing your Tax Return

1042-S  Reporting Method

Payments made to NRA must be reported to the IRS. They are issued to Nonresidents annually who receive one or all of the following:

  1. Independent Payments
  2. Compensation that are treaty exempt
  3. Non-qualified Fellowship/Scholarship payments

1. The Drexel Tax Office is NOT permitted to provide tax services. If you are in need of tax advice, please consult a tax professional.

2. In February, the Drexel Tax Office will mail your Form 1042-S or send an e-mail notification (according to the method you selected on how to retrieve your electronic Form 1042-S in Glacier.)

3. The Tax Office offers a Tax Software Program to assist you in filing your tax return. As of the 2011 tax season we will be using “Glacier Tax Prep” which is a product of the same company as Glacier. You can use your Glacier userid and password to access the link. If you need your userid and password resent to you, please contact us.  Below you will find information on Glacier Tax Prep.

  • Go to  for a presentation on how to use Glacier Tax Prep.

  • To access Glacier Tax Prep use your login information created in Glacier.

  • When accessing Glacier Tax Prep select option
    •  “I would like to complete my tax return.”
    • A prompt will ask if you wish to have the data transferred from Cintax 2010 to the new software Glacier Tax Prep.
    • Select yes, the data will be pre-populated.
    • You will have access to 2009 & 2010 income tax returns, only if you used Cintax previously.

  • Glacier tax prep provides an option in each screen to answer questions. Click on the link and submit a question for that particular screen. A Glacier Support Team will respond.

  • Glacier provides additional services:
    • Online Tax Library for your use called “General Information”.
    • Glacier Tax Prep provides an informational link regarding how to file a State Tax return.
    • Updating of selected data.
    • Obtain prior years blank forms starting  with 2007
    • Support questions please email

Resident Aliens for tax purposes please review  for information on how to file your tax return.




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