What to Expect When You Visit the Tax Office

1. Original Required Documents:

  • Passport page and expiration date
  • Visa stamp
  • I-94
  • Social Security card
  • I-20, I-797, DS-2019, or other employment authorization documents
  • Appointment letter (if available)

2. Your information will be entered into the Glacier™ Online Tax Compliance System, which will generate an email to you at the address you provided.

3. When you receive the email from Glacier™, there will be a link to the Glacier™ website.

4. Access the Glacier™ website and complete the required fields. At the end of the website the program will create PDF files for you. Print, sign, and return the forms to the tax office. We cannot process any paperwork until these forms are returned to us!

5. Once the paperwork has been returned to us, please allow at least 24 hours for processing.


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