Direct Deposit Advice Printing Policy

  • This policy will only apply to the printing of an original direct deposit advice, not to the printing of duplicate copies of direct deposit advices or pay check stubs
  • Employee must have a specific external need for an original document that is not met by printing the online version, such as income verification for a loan or lease application
    • Employees without the ability to print their online direct deposit advice from their work location should visit one of our on-campus printing locations to print out a paper copy of their direct deposit advice
  • Payroll will only print one direct deposit advice per employee per pay period
  • Employees must request a printed direct deposit advice using the “Request for Printed Direct Deposit Pay Advice” form
  • Employees must submit a separate request form for each pay period required
  • Payroll will process requests within 7 to 10 working days
  • Printed direct deposit advices will either be mailed to the employee’s home address or may be picked up in person at the Payroll Office at the employee’s request
    • Employees will be notified when the printed direct deposit advice is available
    • Employees must show valid identification when picking up their direct deposit advice in person
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