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Useful Publications

Below you will find information on useful publications in Teaching and Learning as well as Assessment and Evaluation, several of which are available in the DCAE Library. Faculty members interested in checking out materials from the DCAE library are invited to contact us via e-mail ( or via telephone at 215-895-4973 to make arrangements.

Drexel Publications

English Language Center - Best Practices in Teaching and Advising International Students

Drexel Center for Academic Excellence - Drexel Faculty Teaching Guide 2014-2015


Recommended Web Links

The Idea Center

Faculty Focus

Journal of Research in Science Teaching

Faculty E-commons


Teaching and Learning

Behavior Issues

“Classroom Management Tips for Regaining Control of the Classroom”

 “Unraveling the Messages our Behaviors Send to Students”

Active Learning Strategies

“Active Learning Strategies in Face-to-Face courses”

“Three Strategies for Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences”

Student Engagement

“Professors Use Twitter to Increase Student Engagement and Grades”

“Building Student Engagement: Classroom Interactions”

Service Learning

“What Makes Service-Leaning Unique: Reflection and Reciprocity”

“Six steps to Designing Effective Service-Learning courses”

Mentoring in Classroom

“Mentoring Undergraduate Student Research”

Teaching Controversial Issues

“Top 10 Tips for Addressing Sensitive Topics and Maintaining Civility in the Classroom”

“Managing Controversy in an Online Classroom”

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

“An Innovative Way of Analyzing Critical Thinking skills”

“The Instructor’s Challenge: Moving Students beyond Opinions to Critical Thinking”

“Learning to Analyze and Critically Evaluate Ideas, Arguments, and Point of View”

Group Work

“A Lone Wolf’s Approach to Group Work”

“Acquiring Skills in Working with Others as a Member of a Team”

Angelo, T. A. and Cross, K. P. (1993) Classroom Assessment Techniques (2nd Edition) , Jossey-Bass.

Filene, P. (2005) The Joy of Teaching, University of North Carolina Press.

McKeachie, W. J. (2002) Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research and Theory for College and University Teachers (10th Edition), Houghton Mifflin.

Nilson, L. B. (2003) Teaching At Its Best, Anker Publishing.

Assessment and Evaluation

Student Portfolios

“Using the E-Portfolio to Validate Student Learning”


“Should you be using Rubrics?”

“Using Rubrics to Improve Online Teaching, Learning, and Retention”

Partial Credit

“Learning From Mistakes: A Different Approach to Partial Credit”


“‘Grading Motivates Learning’ and Other Dead Ideas in Teaching”

“Too Many Papers to Grade? Two Solutions”

Assessing Participation

“Creating a Class Participation Rubric”

“Reconsidering Grading Students on Class Participation”

Writing Goals and Outcomes

“Informal Writing Assignments: Promoting Learning Through Writing”

“The Writing Process: Step-by-Step Approach Curbs Plagiarism, Helps Students Build Confidence in Their Writing Ability”

Banta, T. W. (Ed) (2007) Assessing Student Learning in the Disciplines, Jossey-Bass.

Richlin, L. (2006) Blueprint for Learning: Constructing College Courses to Facilitate, Assess, and Document Learning, Stylus Publishing.

Suskie, L. (2004) Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, Anker Publishing.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)

Albers, C. (2007). Developing a shared meaning of scholarship to enable the revision of promotion policy. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 1 (1).

Bass, R., & Eynon, B. (Eds.). (2009). New media technologies and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Academic Commons.

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