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Online Room Self-Selection

Self-Selection takes place from July 13th to July 21st!

Self-Selection is your chance to request the exact room you will be assigned to. University Housing will only use the building preferences you ranked on your application if you choose NOT to participate in Self-Selection. Most students will be participating in Self-Selection and therefore building options may be severely limited if you wait for University Housing to assign you. University Housing strongly encourages you to participate in the online Self-Selection process.

Be sure to review the 2015-2016 Guide to Self-Selection which offers detailed information about the Self-Selection process.

Things to know before starting Self-Selection:

  • When will you log into Self-Selection? You may do so any time after your time-ticket and up until the deadline posted. Time Tickets are in 24-Hour Format (a.k.a. Military Time) and are Eastern Standard Time.
  • The Web ID (Also known as Drexel User ID) of your confirmed roommates. The format is: ABC123\
  • Your top residence hall choices
  • If you are interested in a suite, discuss who will be living in which bedroom together.
  • Have a backup plan if there are no longer suites available.  Suite style living is a popular choice but availability is limited. 
  • Communicate with your roommate group – have you decided on a place to live? Note that the room rates differ by building type and so all roommates should agree on possible locations prior to Self-Selection opening!
  • Identify who in your roommate group has the earliest Time-Ticket. Discuss who has the earliest time ticket/will be participating in Self-Selection for the group. It is your responsibility to make sure that the person participating in Self-Selection on your behalf is aware of your preferences because assignments are FINAL. 

    Online Room Self-Selection is separate from the Application process.

    Incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to self-select their own building & room via the MyHousing system. Time Tickets will be issued in two batches that are based on a random lottery.

    The first lottery group will contain any student who completed their application prior to the housing priority deadline (5/15). The second lottery group will contain applications received after the priority deadline.  The Time Ticket will have a dedicated date & time when the student can re-log back into the MyHousing system to select a room. Self-Selection will begin at the time listed on your individual time ticket. Once the Time Ticket is open, the student has until the end of self-selection to select a room.

    If a student does not participate in self-selection, or completes an application after time tickets have been issued, the student will be administratively assigned by our office. The administrative placement location is based on our availability, as well as the lifestyle questionnaire and building preferences listed on the housing application. 

    Confirmed Roommates can select their rooms together by "pulling in" room mates. Freshmen should make sure that their preferred roommates are actually confirmed in MyHousing prior before July 1.

    Are you and your preferred roommates confirmed? Log into your MyHousing application and view Step 3. A student's name who appears in the "Accepted Roommate" section is confirmed!

    However, a student who appears in the "Requested Roommates" section is not yet confirmed. You will not be able to "pull in" a fellow student who is simply 'requested'.

    "Pulling in" refers to the process whereby one roommate is able to place both him/herself into a space, and then "pull in" his/her confirmed roommate(s).

    For example, Damien has a July 9th at 8 a.m. time ticket and his preferred roommate Brandon has a July 10 at 10 a.m. time ticket. Because Damien has the earlier time ticket, Damien can pull in Brandon into the desired room.

    In order for Damien to place Brandon into a space, Brandon must be a confirmed roommate and also have a complete Housing Application (a complete Housing Application is a MyHousing Application with a $200 housing deposit). Brandon must also be eligible for Self-Selection and not already assigned due to particiation in a College Learning Community or other program.

    Online Room Self-Selection is optional. University Housing will auto-assign students who choose not to participate. Students who go through Self-Selection without a preferred roommate will be able to log into MyHousing at any time to see who else has self-selected into their room (or suite, if applicable.) This information will not be emailed but will be available in “real time” through MyHousing.

    Eligible students: Freshmen students who submit a complete Housing Application on or after July 8th are not eligible for Online Room Self-Selection and will be assigned by University Housing based on the data submitted on the Housing Application. A Complete Housing Application is both the online MyHousing Application with the electronic signature and the $200 housing deposit.

    Students participating in a Gateway program or a College Learning Community will be assigned by University Housing,based on the preferences indicated in their Housing Application.

    Consolidation Policy
    Once Self-Selection opens, students will be able to select any available bed space. Students do NOT need to have a complete suite (4 students for a 4-person suite) in order to reserve a room/suite. Reservations for 1 of the beds in the suite will be accepted. In order to maximize all space on campus and to ensure all students have an equitable opportunity to live on-campus, University Housing reserves the right to consolidate suites and/or bedrooms of the same gender. Confirmed roommate pairings will be moved together!

    Final Assignment
    All assignments are considered tentative until published in MyHousing  by University Housing in mid-August. Freshmen will be notified that their published assignment is available via their Drexel University E-mail account.