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Self-Selection with Preferred Roommates

Your guide to completing Self-Selection with one or more preferred roommates

It is very important that you confirm your preferred roommates in your online Housing Application prior to Self-Selection. It is important that ALL members of your preferred roommate group add and confirm ALL other members of your preferred roommate group. Forgetting to add even one person in the group could cause you or someone you want to live with to be left OUT of the group's Self-Selection.

Are you and your preferred roommates confirmed? Log into your MyHousing application and view Step Preferred Roommate Selection. A student's user ID who appears in the "Accepted Roommate" section is confirmed! A student’s user ID that appears in “Requested Roommates” is NOT confirmed.

Preferred Roommates Confirmed
In this example “test34” has accepted the student’s request and both will be able to participate in Self-Selection together. However, “test12” was requested by the student but has not confirmed the student’s request. The student will NOT be able to include “test12” as a roommate.

NOTE: Only students eligible for Self-Selection will be able to be assigned to housing by your preferred roommate group! Students who are not eligible for Self-Selection may appear as an Accepted Roommate but will NOT be able to be assigned during Self-Selection. 

Discuss with Your Preferred Roommates

  • Have you decided on a place to live? Note that the room rates differ by building type and so all roommates should agree on possible locations prior to Self-Selection opening!
  • Have you decided which students are living in the same bedroom? Self-Selection is final so be sure to place the correct students in the A room vs. the B room. Make sure the person participating in Self-Selection for the group knows everyone’s Web ID/Drexel User ID!
  • What will you do if your first choice is no longer available? If you only have triple spaces available are all members of your group willing to go into a triple or would they prefer to live with other students in a double room?
  • Identify who in your roommate group has the earliest Time-Ticket. Discuss who has the earliest time ticket/will be participating in Self-Selection for the group.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the person participating in Self-Selection on your behalf is aware of your preferences because Self-Selection is FINAL. 

Managing Time Tickets with Preferred Roommates

Time Tickets will be sent to all students eligible for Self-Selection. Time Tickets are sent based on the date of a completed housing application. A Housing Application is considered complete with both a Housing Application and a submitted $200 Housing Deposit.

Assume that Damien, Brendan, and Michael wish to live together, and all are eligible for Self-Selection. Further, assume that all three have confirmed each other as roommates on Housing Application. Time Tickets for these students may be issued as follows:

  • Damien - Thurs 4/16/2015 09:10 (9:10am)
  • Brendan - Wed 4/15/2015 13:45 (1:45pm)
  • Michael - Fri 4/17/2015 16:20 (4:20pm)


In this example, Self-Selection will open for Brendan first, then Damien, and then Michael. Brendan will be able to access Self-Selection after 1:45pm on April 15th. He has the earliest time-ticket, followed by Damien, and then Michael.

Because Brendan has the earliest Time Ticket, he will be able to Reserve a space for both Michael and Damien, because they are all confirmed roommates.

Once Brendan has placed Michael and Damien into a space, Michael and Damien will NOT be able to self-select into a space! Confirming a preferred roommate gives the roommate the ability to place you into an assignment. It is your responsibility to review who your confirmed roommates are prior to April 15, 2015. Be sure to communicate your preferences with your confirmed roommates.

It is your responsibility to Delete or Cancel Request for any students you no longer wish to have as a Preferred Roommate. To “Delete” or “Cancel Request” log into the application in MyHousing and go to the Preferred Roommate Selection step. 

Reminders for Self-Selecting with Preferred Roommates

It is very important that you select all of the rooms you will need in order to accommodate all members of your preferred roommate group. Failing to select enough rooms will result in some of the members of the preferred roommate group NOT being assigned.

Make sure that ALL members of your preferred roommate group are placed into beds before you click on “Reserve Beds.”