Diamantino Machado, PhD

Teaching Professor of Sociology

Diamantino Machado

Office: PSA 112
Phone: 215.895.2402

Curriculum Vitae: Download PDF


  • PhD, Sociology, Temple University, 1989

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Political-Philosophy
  • Post-Structuralist Thought
  • Production of Subjectivity
  • Globalization

Selected Publications

  • The Structure of Portuguese Society: The Failure of Fascism, Praeger Publishers, 1991
  • "On the Modernist Social Sciences Understanding of Poverty, and the Role of Poverty Experts in the 'Conduct of Conduct' of Human Subjects" INTER-thesis, vol 3 , # 1, Jan-July, 2006
  • "American Foreign Policy: Yesterday and Today" . A contributing chapter in Trade Towers/War Clouds, vol 1, edited by A. Shostak, Chelsea House Pub, 2004