Transfer Credit

Acceptance of transfer credit from accredited institutions is often dependent on the relevance of the work to the degree program being pursued. Graduate students are only allowed to transfer graduate-level courses that are equivalent to Drexel CS (mandatory and flexible) core and breadth coursework (please review the course requirements for the MSCS and PhD degrees at and, respectively). Transfer students should confer with the Graduate Coordinator at an early date to ensure that no misunderstanding occurs with regards to the use of transfer credits in their degree plans. Ideally, students should apply for transfer credits during their first academic term at Drexel University and no later than the beginning of the first offering of the associated Drexel CS course. Graduate transfer credit must be approved by the college/school in which the student is enrolled and may be subject to the following restrictions:

  • At least 30 graduate term credits (equivalent to 20 semester credits) of any master’s degree program must be taken at Drexel. Similarly, for students admitted in post- baccalaureate status to a PhD program, at least 75 graduate term credits of the degree must be taken at Drexel.

  • All transfer credit must have a grade of B or better for MSCS and B+ or better for PhD students, and the student’s overall average in all prior graduate work must be a minimum of B.

  • Transfer graduate credit will not be accepted unless it was taken within the general time limit of five years prior to receipt of the Drexel degree (see Time Requirements for Program Completion).

  • All transfer credits must be from an accredited institution and must not have been used toward any other degree at that institution.
  • Along with the transfer form, students must supply the following documentation: a complete syllabus for the course including course objectives, textbooks, expected course work, exact topics covered in the course, sample problems sets and projects, grading policy, and the equivalent course at Drexel. If you can’t produce a syllabus, you must supply enough material that an educated decision can be made; if there is not enough documentation for an educated decision to be made, the transfer will not be accepted.

  • If the documentation is in a foreign language, it will be necessary to translate this to English. Please see Drexel's international transcript requirements for the approved translating agencies for your country.

If the course meets all of the requirements stipulated above, the student should submit the transcript to the Graduate Coordinator for final approval.

Students currently enrolled in the Computer Science Department that would like to take a course off campus and count this towards their plan of study are highly recommended to have prior approval before starting the course. No graduate credit will be allowed for correspondence or extension work. After the transfer application has been submitted with all required materials, the Graduate Coordinator will inform the student on the decision to transfer credit before the next offering of the associated Drexel course.