M.S. in Software Engineering

Drexel University offers an M.S. in Software Engineering. This program was created in response to the growing importance of software to the national infrastructure and the rapid rise in demand for professional software engineers.

The MSSE degree is a multidisciplinary University degree sponsored by the College of Engineering and the College of Information Science and Technology. The program, drawing on the strengths of existing Drexel programs in computer science, computer engineering, and information science and technology, provides a curriculum that encompasses behavioral, managerial, and technical aspects of software engineering and attempts to synthesize disciplinary paradigms and themes. This program is designed specifically for students interested in a range of application domains.


All students in the MSSE program take a core curriculum that spans the scope of disciplinary areas relevant to the degree, thereby providing a common foundation for all students in the program. Students also select a track, which allows them to take a cohesive, more specialized set of courses supporting their individual career interests. These tracks include Information Science and Technology, Computer Science, and Engineering.

The MSSE degree can be completed in two years of full-time or three years of part-time study. Students in all tracks are encouraged to participate in Drexel’s [External Link]Career Graduate Co-op (GCP) program or Optical Practical Training (OPT) . Please be reminded that participating in GCP or OPT may lengthen the time to completion for the program and will not count to fulfill any credit requirements for the MSSE-CS degree.

Admission Requirements


Graduate Course Offerings

MSSE-CS Degree Requirements

Old MSSE-CS ONLINE Degree Requirements: Before Fall 2012

Old MSSE-CS ON-CAMPUS Degree Requirements: Before Fall 2012


Information Science and Technology Track

The track supports students interested in applying software engineering to information systems problems in commercial organizations and other settings. The tracks principle focus is the process by which user and system requirements are converted into cost-effective, maintainable software systems. This focus is complemented by a concern for defining, creating, understanding, and evaluating the full range of software life cycle products. The track places particular emphasis on systems values, such as the human computer interface, front-end user requirements analysis, modeling and validation, and the use of off-the-shelf tools and components to assist in software processes.

Engineering Track

Students in the engineering track will pursue techniques to model engineering problems and offer software solutions. The courses in this track will emphasize problems facing electrical, mechanical, environmental, chemical and other engineering industries. Systems modeling and simulation techniques will be used to solve these problems.


If you have questions about the Master of Science in Software Engineering degree, please feel free to contact any of the members of the standing committee which oversees the program. Here are the contacts for the three tracks:

To apply to this program, please reference its major code on the application: 688 - Master of Science in Software Engineering.