Graduate Admissions FAQ

What is the deadline for applying for admission?

To be considered for financial aid (a teaching or research assistantship), you must apply by January 1 for admission of starting in Fall Quarter of that year. Many of the external scholarship programs (see the College of Engineering web site) also have early deadlines. Part-time students living in the area are admitted on a rolling admissions basis, and may apply at any time of the year. Full-time students who do not seek financial assistance are typically admitted for Fall Quarter (apply by July 31) and Winter Quarter (apply by November 30). Full time students will not be admitted to start in Spring or Summer Quarters because there are not enough introductory courses offered in those quarters. The Department will consider admissions to Spring or Summer Quarters only for part-time students, or for Ph.D. program applicants who already have an M.S. or equivalent.

What information do I have to supply when applying?

All applicants to Drexel are expected to supply transcripts of prior undergraduate or graduate coursework, a personal essay, and two letters of recommendation. International students must provide TOEFL scores. GRE scores are required for all Ph.D. applicants, international applicants, and for all students applying for financial aid. It may also be required for other students for which the other information does not provide a sufficient basis for making an admissions decision. The GRE subject exam in computer science is not required but is suggested for all Ph.D. applicants.

How many students are in the program?

In Fall 2011-12, there were approximately 150 students in the various graduate programs offered by the department (Computer Science and Software Engineering). Of these about 25% were full-time (taking three courses a term, or, if a TA or RA, two or one courses a term), the remainder were part time (typically, taking one course a term ).

What jobs do graduates apply their degree towards?

Most students enter the Computer Science or Software Engineering graduate program because they wish to gain further knowledge on software development and/or the technological basis for advanced software features (artificial intelligence, operating systems, programming languages, computer networks, scientific computation, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, software engineering, etc.). Other Drexel departments students consider for computer-related studies are the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the College of Information Science and Technology, or the LeBow College of Business. Drexel’s graduates are employed in a wide variety of private and public sectors employers within the region, the nation, and the world.

What kind of background do I need for a graduate degree in Computer Science at Drexel?

For the Masters in Computer Science or PhD in Computer Science, a background of Computer Science undergraduate courses similar to those described on the prerequisites page. If you have an unconventional background, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator for further discussion. The undergraduate course background is not a pro forma credential hurdle; our graduate courses presume you have a significant background in mathematics and computer science already. For the Masters in Software Engineering, see the discussion on the M.S.S.E. page.

What are the minimum GRE, GPA, and (for international students) TOEFL scores needed for admission into the CS M.S.?

There are no minimum scores. Applicants who apply are evaluated on the basis of what they submit in their application: test scores, undergraduate grades, recommendations, their essay, and their overall record of accomplishment as described in their application. Because of limited resources, the department will not comment on admissions prospects for prospective students who submit unofficial applications through email or regular mail; your official application is what the department will consider and comment on.

How many assistantships (financial aid) does the department offer?

In 2011-12 approximately 25 students hold partial or full assistantships, many of whom are PhD students. A fraction of those will become available next year to be awarded to new students, as the present holders graduate or otherwise relinquish their assistantships. New research assistantships may become available as additional grants are awarded to Drexel professors. Since many apply each year to the program, competition for these assistantships is keen.

What kind of financial support does an assistantship entail?

The CS Department’s assistantships typically require up to 20 hours of work in teaching or research. In return, the student receives a stipend ($20,000+/year 2012-13) and tuition remission for one or two courses per term.

Other than assistantships, what other kinds of financial support are available?

To new full-time students with excellent academic records, the University awards Dean’s Fellowships which provide reduced rates on tuition but no stipend. With continued good scholarship, a student may continue to hold them until they complete their degree. Dean’s Fellowships (I and II) are administered by the Drexel Enrollment Management department; winners are notified when they are admitted. Dean’s Fellowship are awarded only to newly entering students. Applicants are also encouraged to investigate and apply for other scholarships, fellowships, or grants available. Many are described at the College of Engineering web site.

How do I apply to the program?

Complete a Drexel admissions form. The form can be completed and submitted on-line . The admissions process requires you to supply personal information, an essay, and to have recommendation letters, valid undergraduate transcripts and GRE (general exam) scores submitted. International students may be required to submit TOEFL scores as well. Once the Drexel Admissions department receives all the information, the admissions file is submitted to the department where the admissions decision is made. The admissions decision is typically available about four weeks after all the application, transcripts, recommendations, and test scores has been received. Inquire at the Drexel Admissions department.