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Core Innovation Competencies

Enhancing the Quality of Life

Accelerating Innovations in Drug Design and Delivery

Revolutionary new approaches to drug design, development and delivery are being pursued by Drexel researchers and clinicians. This work is driven by new knowledge about how drugs interact with biological systems, and innovative methods that better target the delivery of drugs to intended sites. It has led to the development of new drugs for therapeutic applications including cancer, HIV and other infectious diseases, as well as novel processes and devices.

Advancing the Health of Communities

Behavior and lifestyle changes are essential to improve the health of individuals and communities, particularly for individuals without prior access to quality health care and for patients with chronic illnesses. Drexel has 16 years of experience utilizing a unique interdisciplinary team that works in partnership with community members to design and deliver health services to meet documented needs, including preventing chronic illness and ameliorating its effects in later life. Team members include nurse practitioners, physical therapists, behavioral health specialists, creative arts therapists, nutrition and fitness experts, complementary and integrative therapists, dentists, researchers, health informaticians and more.

Preventing, Treating and Managing Infectious Diseases

The prevention, treatment and control of infectious diseases is critical to protect the health of any community. Drawing upon vast experience and expertise, Drexel researchers are advancing the field. They are using health information to enhance the quality and efficiency of medical care and the response to widespread public health emergencies.

Advancing Personalized Medicine

Healthcare providers have long recognized that people differ in susceptibility to disease and response to therapies. With limited understanding of individual differences, however, medical interventions have been standardized for the masses. Drexel researchers and clinicians are working to combine newly available genetic information with clinical data to optimally tailor therapeutic interventions to individual patients, and to help both the well and the unwell optimize their quality of life.

Engineering Innovation

Driving Innovations in Information Technology

Advances in information technology have revolutionized life in the modern world. Drexel researchers and scholars are enhancing computing methods, technologies and systems, as well as the interactions between humans and systems ranging from an individual device to large, evolving, heterogeneous socio-technical systems. Drexel is deeply engaged with entrepreneurs, cultural and educational institutions and corporate partners in the healthcare, IT, defense, manufacturing and entertainment industries. Those relationships are generating IT innovations that yield economic development opportunities, enhance national competitiveness and address key societal challenges such as the security of cyberspace.

New Materials for the 21st Century

Accelerating the pace of discovery and innovation in advanced materials is critical to global competitiveness in the 21st century. Drexel is a leader in discovering, manufacturing and deploying high-performance, cost-effective advanced materials essential to innovation across multiple sectors of the economy. Expertise in nanomaterials and nanodevices includes supercapacitors, piezoelectrics, high-performance ceramics, biomaterials and tissue engineering, soft materials, polymers and polymer composites and materials synthesis and characterization. Drexel’s work is inspired by the materials genome initiative, which integrates both experimental and computational advanced methods.

Manufacturing and Innovation

Today’s industrial environment emphasizes not only creating economic opportunity through imagination, but also creating both value and products through a system that integrates customer understanding, R&D, design, manufacturing and delivery. Drexel researchers and scholars work with corporate partners to integrate innovation, design, manufacturing and services that are aligned with complete customer experiences.

Protecting the Planet

Protecting the Environment

Drexel is committed to providing sound environmental stewardship. Drexel teams are studying the fundamental processes of natural science and the complex problems facing the environment, and applying engineering know-how to help mitigate adverse effects. Their work promotes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding everything from organisms and ecosystems to social and engineered systems, from the past through the present. Drexel R&D teams, augmented by the University’s landmark affiliation with the Academy of Natural Sciences, work together to understand, conserve and restore ecosystems. Their work uses a “systems” perspective, analyzing and simulating the structure and function of ecosystems at multiple spatial scales.

Powering the Energy Economy

Pennsylvania finds itself with one of the largest shale gas plays in the nation. Drexel is helping to shape the role of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth in the new energy economy, thanks to the University’s R&D strengths. The Marcellus Shale has the potential to strengthen and transform the state’s economy through clean energy production and delivery, and by attracting and retaining industries whose competitiveness depends on access to natural gas or affordable power. Drexel researchers and scholars enjoy strong relationships with regional business and industry leaders, including ports and logistics. They also have longstanding and trusted relationships with elected political leaders interested in energy-related economic development.