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Centers of Excellence

Crossing disciplinary boundaries and addressing the challenges facing society to produce groundbreaking initiatives are the characteristics that define Drexel's discovery and innovation. Corporate and institutional partners can access Drexel's entrepreneurial culture that emphasizes new ideas, real-world impact and speed-to-market. 

Engineering Innovation

C. & J. Nyheim Plasma Institute

Plasma technologies have wide-ranging industrial and biomedical applications and uses, including tissue sterilization, wound healing, food and water decontamination and even clean energy production. The C. & J. Nyheim Plasma Institute is a widely acknowledged world leader in plasma technologies with a range of corporate partners, both large and small, that are part of the energy, biomedical and defense industry sectors.

A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute

The challenges facing industry today frequently involve new materials, including nanosized materials. The A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute conducts R&D in high-performance ceramics, nanotubes and nanomaterials, piezoelectric materials, novel biomedical polymers and structures, adaptation of natural products, novel chemistries, membranes, pill coating and fuel cells. It supports corporate partners in industries ranging from chemical manufacturing to medical devices to environmental to energy to pharmaceuticals.

Center for Electric Power Engineering

Despite the challenges of managing the world’s electrical grids, only a limited number of universities have programs in power systems. The Center for Electric Power Engineering focuses on the design, monitoring and automation of power systems. Center innovations have spurred a diverse array of technologies and collaborations, including development of “smart meters” and “smart grid” technology with corporate partners.

Consortium for Low Power Mobile Devices

The Consortium for Low Power Mobile Devices brings companies in the consumer electronics and military communications sectors together to leverage Drexel’s considerable capabilities in antennas, advanced materials, imaging, energy storage, power management, networking and security to develop the next generation of mobile devices.

ExCITe Center

The ExCITe Center drives innovation at the intersection of IT and the arts. It houses several one-of-a-kind innovation facilities and hosts incubator-accelerator programs, new ventures, corporate partners and investment firms.

Entrepreneurial Game Studio

Applications for gaming research go beyond the arcade, into areas as diverse as medical training, brain rehabilitation and educational technologies. The Studio fuels innovation in mobile games and is supported by Drexel’s award-winning, nationally ranked gaming program.

Shima Seiki Haute Technology Lab

The Shima Seiki Haute Technology Lab supports state-of-the-art R&D in smart textiles and wearable technologies, exploring new methods of production that will ultimately impact multiple market sectors including healthcare, fitness and defense.

Center for Visual and Decision Informatics

This NSF-funded Center for Visual and Decision Informatics supports R&D that turns the enormous quantities of digital data available today into competitive advantage for data owners. Center R&D is supported by 15 partner corporations including multiple Fortune 100 companies.

Enhancing the Quality of Life

Coulter-Drexel Translational Research Partnership Program

The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation has recognized Drexel’s excellence in interdisciplinary research with real-world clinical applications by naming Drexel a Coulter Translational Research Partner and helping establish a $20 million translational research endowment. The endowment funds the development of life-saving technologies by Drexel’s biomedical, engineering, design, nursing and information technology faculty and students, and positions Drexel as a model of best practices for other academic and industrial research programs.

A.J. Drexel Autism Institute

The A.J. Drexel Autism Institute brings a public health approach to the challenges presented by autism spectrum disorders (ASD), employing the disciplines of public health science to generate and translate knowledge about autism’s character, causes and consequences into community-based action that improves the lives of individuals affected by ASD and their families. Institute personnel work with external partners to create rewarding jobs for adults on the autism spectrum.

The 11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University

Established in 1996, the 11th Street Family Health Services provides an integrated approach to health care with a focus on behavior and lifestyle change and healthy living programs. 11th Street caregivers work with health insurers to document the efficacy and cost effectiveness of the integrated care model; with community groups including public housing residents; with churches, schools and government agencies to disseminate and improve the model of care; and with local and national foundations and agencies, several of whom have highlighted the 11th Street model as an exemplar of innovation.

Institute for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Disease

The Institute for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Disease focuses on research, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and clinical management of infectious and inflammatory disease, cancer and metabolic and genetic disorders. A number of unique interactions have been developed with industrial partners to create new diagnostic reagents, therapeutic compounds and vaccines for treatment and prevention of these life-threatening diseases.

Caring for the Planet

Institute for Energy and the Environment

Institute faculty, staff and students work in partnership with private- and public-sector organizations to conduct state-of-the-art R&D in energy production and distribution, including shale gas and renewables; remediation strategies that mitigate the undesirable environmental consequences of energy production; robust, secure, power generation, storage, transmission and distribution; energy-efficient materials and built infrastructure; and the economic, socio-economic and public policy implications of a range of clean energy solutions.

Patrick Center for Environmental Research

The Patrick Center for Environmental Research is devoted to understanding, protecting and restoring the health of watersheds. Its multidisciplinary research teams study aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and apply this knowledge to assess ecosystem health and develop watershed-level strategies to enhance environmental quality. The Center works with diverse stakeholders, including government, community groups, industry and environmental organizations, to improve environmental stewardship.

Fostering Learning in Individuals and Organizations

The Math Forum at Drexel

The Math Forum at Drexel is a leader in math education online, known for staples like “Problems of the Week” and “Ask Dr. Math.” It’s also in the vanguard of K-12 math curriculum development and teacher training, frequently engaged by school systems to provide on-site professional development and funded by organizations like FINRA, the largest regulator for U.S. securities firms, to develop math-based training programs. The Math Forum collaborates with technology firms to meet the need for improved outcomes in STEM education.

Center for Corporate Governance

The Center for Corporate Governance promotes best practices in matters such as executive and director compensation, board composition, relationships among executives, boards and investors, shareholder activism and mergers and acquisitions. It brings board chairs, corporate directors and senior executives together to address the critical governance issues facing corporations today.

Center for Corporate Reputation Management

The Center for Corporate Reputation Management focuses on issues related to reputation management, a relatively new field that incorporates knowledge in fields as diverse as marketing, management, economics, accounting, finance, communications, sociology, political science and cultural studies. The Center provides for the exchange of theory and best practices among business leaders, professors and researchers.

International Center for Executive Leadership in Academics

ICELA at Drexel® works to increase the number and impact of women in academic leadership positions through two innovative programs: Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM®) and Executive Leadership in Academic Technology and Engineering (ELATE@Drexel®). Participants in these one-year, part-time fellowships enhance their capacity for leadership and innovation.