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Tech ID Title Lead Inventor Manager
00-0396D Polymeric, Fiber Matrix Delivery Systems for Bioactive Compounds Wheatley, Margaret A. McGrath, Robert
00-0401D Direct Encapsulation of Enzymes and Other Biological substances in Surfactant-Templated Mesoporous Host Materials Wei, Yen Caldwell, Philip
00-0404 Screening assay for anti-thrombotic/anti-platelet activity Soslau, Gerald McGrath, Robert
00-0407D Muscle-Polymer Constructs for Bone Tissue Engineering Laurencin, Cato T. Melishchuk, Alexey
00-0413 Compositions and Methods for preventing platelet aggregation Class, Reiner McGrath, Robert
01-0422D Biocompatible, biodegradable polymer-based, lighter-than-water scaffold for bone tissue engineering Laurencin, Cato T. Melishchuk, Alexey
01-0428D Echogenic Polymer microcapsules and nanocapsules and methods for production and use thereof Wheatley, Margaret A. McGrath, Robert
01-0441D Negative Ion Atmospheric Pressure Ionization and Selected Ion Mass Spectrometry using a Ni Electron Source Bandy, Alan Caldwell, Philip
02-0446D Method for comparing solid models Regli, William Caldwell, Philip
02-0447D Tissue joining devices capable of delivery of bioactive agents and methods for use thereof Wheatley, Margaret A. McGrath, Robert
02-0449D Information gathering using reflected satellite signals Eisenstein, Bruce McGrath, Robert
02-0473D Apparatus and method for removing non-discriminating indices of an indexed dataset Loo, Lit-Hsin McGrath, Robert
02-0478D Plasma reactor for the production of hydrogen-rich gas Fridman, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
02-0486D2 Fiber optics illuminators and lighting system Prasad, Sipra S. Caldwell, Philip
03-0489D Magnetically controllable drug and gene delivery stents Forbes, Zachary G. Caldwell, Philip
03-0492D Polymer-based microcapsules and nanocapsules for diagnostic imaging and drug delivery and methods for their production Wheatley, Margaret A. McGrath, Robert
03-0494D Vortex Reactor and method of using it Fridman, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
03-0495D Automated learning of model classifications Regli, William Caldwell, Philip
03-0509D Intelligent Modeling and Control of Optoelectronic Packaging and Assembly Guez, Allon McGrath, Robert
03-0510D/P Methods and compositions for prevention and treatment of malaria infections Vaidya, Akhil B. Rose, Heather
03-0515D Programmable self-aligning liquid magnetic nanoparticle masks and methods for their use Yellen, Benjamin Caldwell, Philip
03-0520D Methods and apparatus for Computer aided tissue engineering for modeling, design and freeform fabrication of tissue scaffolds, constructs and devices Sun, Wei Caldwell, Philip
03-0522D Method and system for intention estimation and operation assistance; Driver's Intention Detecting Device; Salvucci, Dario McGrath, Robert
03-0526D BRAin State RECognition System Guez, Allon McGrath, Robert
04-0529D Magnetic fluid manipulators and methods for their use Yellen, Benjamin Caldwell, Philip
04-0539D Orthosis and method of use for treatment and rehabilitation of dropfoot Sun, Wei Melishchuk, Alexey
04-0541D Methods for Use of fluorescent nanoparticles to detect crack propagation and fatigue and to deliver materials to repair cracks in polymers and polymer composites Papazoglou, Elisabeth S. Caldwell, Philip
04-0549D Novel carbide materials for tribiological applications Barsoum, Michel Caldwell, Philip
04-0550D Ternary metal carbides - silver composite materials for tribological applications Barsoum, Michel Caldwell, Philip
04-0552D Production and Uses of carbon suboxides Gutsol, Alexander F. Melishchuk, Alexey
04-0554D Optical and electronic devices based on nanoplasma Nabet, Bahram Caldwell, Philip
04-0564D Bioactive thermogelling polymer systems and methods of their use Marcolongo, Michele McGrath, Robert
04-0571D Piezoelectric stun projectile Genis, Vladimir Melishchuk, Alexey
04-0575D Device for generation of pulsed corona discharge Gutsol, Alexander F. Melishchuk, Alexey
04-0576D Nanowire based plasmonics Spanier, Jonathan E. Caldwell, Philip
04-0579P Dual-Inhibitors of HIV-1 gp-120 Interactions (HNG-105) Chaiken, Irwin Rose, Heather
04-0582D Electrospun blends of natural and synthetic polymer fibers as tissue engineering scaffolds Lelkes, Peter I. Melishchuk, Alexey
04-0585D Method for creating an internal transport system within tissue scaffolds using computer-aided tissue engineering Sun, Wei Caldwell, Philip
04-0586D Layered manufacturing utilizing foam as a support and multifunctional material for the creation of parts and for tissue engineering Sun, Wei Caldwell, Philip
04-0587D Super-sparger microcarrier beads: sheer and bubble-resistant microcarrier beads for anchorage-dependent cell culture Sun, Wei Caldwell, Philip
05-0589D Piezoelectric powered vehicles and motors Genis, Vladimir Melishchuk, Alexey
05-0593D Multi-Scale Segmentation and partial matching 3D models Regli, William Caldwell, Philip
05-0594D Process of using computer modeling, reconstructive modeling and simulation modeling for image guided reconstructive surgery Sun, Wei Caldwell, Philip
05-0601D Materials and methods for fluid amplified biosensors Yellen, Benjamin Caldwell, Philip
05-0610P The role of serine protease inhibitor kazal in regulating cell apoptosis and its anti-viral (hepatitis B and C viruses) and carcinogenesis functions Block, Timothy M. Rose, Heather
05-0611D Method for magnetic delivery of cells and biologics Forbes, Zachary G. Caldwell, Philip
05-0615D/P Intentional Deception Detection using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Bunce, Scott C. Melishchuk, Alexey
05-0618P Identification of a PIN specific protein and molecular cloning of the gene (PIN-1) Stearns, Mark E. McGrath, Robert
05-0620D Optical domain frequency down conversion of microwave signals Li, Yifei McGrath, Robert
05-0629D Integrated system for simultaneous inspection and manipulation Layton, Bradley E. Melishchuk, Alexey
05-0633D Magnetically-controllable delivery system for therapeutic agents (CIP) Forbes, Zachary G. Caldwell, Philip
05-0636P Plasmodium liver stage Antigens Kappe, Stefan Rose, Heather
06-0642D Polymer-polymer nanocomposite membranes for protective clothing Elabd, Yossef (Joe) A. Caldwell, Philip
06-0645D Wireless controlled neuromodulation system Moxon, Karen Melishchuk, Alexey
06-0658D Magnetizable stents for local drug delivery Barbee, Kenneth Caldwell, Philip
06-0661D Advanced drug delivery strategy and platform for minimally-invasive treatment of liver cancer Wheatley, Margaret A. McGrath, Robert
06-0664D A virtual endovaginal ultrasound simulator for physician training (VEUSim) Doehring, Todd Melishchuk, Alexey
06-0679D Peripheral intravenous nanoparticle administration for magnetic targeting of stents with therapeutic agents and cell therapy including post-targeting residual particle retrieval Friedman, Gennady Caldwell, Philip
06-0681 The Power of Food Scale: A New Measure of the Psychological Influence of the Food Environment Lowe, Michael R. McGrath, Robert
06-0682D Solver for hardware based computing Nwankpa, Chikaodinaka Caldwell, Philip
06-0684P CVN-12p1: A recombinant allosteric lectin antagonist of HIV-1 envelope gp120 interactions Chaiken, Irwin Rose, Heather
06-0698D Bioprinting Three-Dimensional Polymeric Hydrogel Structures onto Microscale Tissue Analog Devices for Pharmacokinetic Study Sun, Wei Caldwell, Philip
06-0707D Molecular control of surface coverage Mutharasan, Rajakkannu McGrath, Robert
06-0710D Drug Loaded Contrast Agents: Combining Diagnosis and Therapy Wheatley, Margaret A. McGrath, Robert
06-0720D/P Tissue joining devices capable of delivery of bioactive agents and methods of use thereof Wheatley, Margaret A. Melishchuk, Alexey
06-0721D Method for making carbon nanotubes with embedded nanoparticles Gogotsi, Yury Caldwell, Philip
06-0730P Photolabile dinitroindolinyl based compounds Ellis-Davies, Graham Caldwell, Philip
06-0731P A Chimeric MSP-based Malaria Vaccine Burns, James Rose, Heather
06-0732D Piezoelectric Microcantilevers and Uses in Atomic Force Microscopy Shih, Wan Melishchuk, Alexey
06-0741D Fetal pulmonary cells and uses thereof Lelkes, Peter I. Melishchuk, Alexey
06-0743D Reflective Surface Hicks, R. Andrew Melishchuk, Alexey
06-0757P Invitreal Administration of Erythropoietin Li, Weiye McGrath, Robert
06-0763D Development of peptide and antibody targeted microcapsule contrast agents for drug delivery Wheatley, Margaret A. Melishchuk, Alexey
06-0766P Mechanism-based Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Plasmodium Bergman, Lawrence W. Rose, Heather
07-0776P Receptor Antagonists for Treatment of Metastatic Bone Cancer Fatatis, Alessandro Rose, Heather
07-0777P ATM-dependent Phosphorylation of Sp1 Enhances Chromatin Association and Cellular Survival after DNA damage Clifford, Jane Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0779P Inhibition of HIV-1 infection by potent metallocene conjugated peptide through conformational entrapment of envelope gp120 Chaiken, Irwin Rose, Heather
07-0784D Specificity and sensitivity enhancement in piezoelectric cantilever sensing Shih, Wei-Heng Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0785D A method for structural health monitoring using a Smart sensor system Finkel, Peter Caldwell, Philip
07-0786P Compositions and methods for diminishing viral infection and inflammation associated with viral infections Katsikis, Peter D. McGrath, Robert
07-0792D Alternate twist ply yarn with low residual twist and method of manufacture Elkhamy, Donia Caldwell, Philip
07-0793D Hydrogen production from hydrogen sulfide Gutsol, Alexander F. Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0794D Blind estimation of multiple carrier frequency offsets Petropulu, Athina McGrath, Robert
07-0798D Novel Polymeric Ultrasound Contrast Agent and methods of making thereof Wheatley, Margaret A. McGrath, Robert
07-0801D Two-Piece Lightweight Litter System Awerbuch, Jonathan McGrath, Robert
07-0817P Deception Detection Techniques Utilizing Brain Imaging Bunce, Scott C. Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0822D Plasma discharge self-cleaning filtration system Cho, Young I. Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0826D Software for accelerated implementations of cone-beam CT reconstruction and deformable registration Kandasamy, Nagarajan Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0829D Magnetic delivery of nanoparticles for treating fungal infections of nails Friedman, Gennady Caldwell, Philip
07-0833D Cyclonic Reactor with Non-Equilibrium Gliding Discharge and Plasma Process for Reforming of Solid Hydrocarbons Gutsol, Alexander F. Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0836D Fabrication of surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates using nanoparticle based films Tyagi, Som Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0839D Electrowetting Micro Array Printing System for Bioactive Tissue Construct Manufacturing Zhou, Gongyao (Jack) Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0851D RMCP (Rich Media Conversion Project) Morris, John Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0859D COBI Studio Ayaz, Hasan Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0860D/P Tissue joining device and instrument for enabling use of a tissue joining device Layton, Bradley E. Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0863D Lead-free piezoelectric ceramic films and a method for making thereof Shih, Wei-Heng Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0867P MicroRNA-formatted multitarget interfering RNA vector constructs with RNA polymerase III promoters Steel, Laura Melishchuk, Alexey
07-0868D/P Functional near infrared spectroscopy as a monitor for depth of anesthesia Pourrezaei, Kambiz Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0878D Method and devices for liquid fuel conversion into hydrogen-rich gas Gutsol, Alexander F. Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0880D Nano-discharges in liquids and their possible applications Gutsol, Alexander F. Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0902D/P Microwave wireless implant for sub-dural intracranial pressure monitoring Rosen, Arye Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0911D Apparatus and process for forming alternate twist plied yarn Caldwell, Philip
08-0912D Apparatus and process for forming alternate twist plied yarn and product therefrom Caldwell, Philip
08-0913D Apparatus and process for forming alternate twist plied yarn and product therefrom Caldwell, Philip
08-0915D Apparatus for forming alternate twist plied yarn Caldwell, Philip
08-0917D Method and apparatus for making alternate twist plied yarn and product Caldwell, Philip
08-0919D Apparatus and method for forming alternate twist-plied yarns and product Caldwell, Philip
08-0921D Uniform alternate ply-twisted yarn Caldwell, Philip
08-0922P Anti-Malarial Compounds Bergman, Lawrence W. Rose, Heather
08-0924D Desalination System and Process Cho, Young I. Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0928D Pourable Photovoltaic Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Solar Cell Fontecchio, Adam K. Caldwell, Philip
08-0960D Method of producing a metal-containing single-phase composition Barsoum, Michel Caldwell, Philip
08-0965D Optoelectronic remotely powered silicon based hybrid neural electrode Moxon, Karen Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0967D Non Thermal Plasma Coal Gasification Rabinovich, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0979D Physical therapy systems and methods Genis, Vladimir Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0981D Multistage plasma reactor for gasification of solid feedstock Rabinovich, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0982D Integrated Non Thermal Plasma Gasification Fisher Tropsch Coal-To-Liquid Conversion Rabinovich, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0986D Heavy Oil Upgrading in a Gilding Arc Plasma Discharge Rabinovich, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0987D Uniform Field Magnetization and Targeting of Therapeutic Formulations Friedman, Gennady Caldwell, Philip
08-0988D Ferroelectric Nanoshell Devices Spanier, Jonathan E. Caldwell, Philip
08-0989D Dissociation of H2S in Non-equilibrium Low Pressure Plasma Gliding Arc Discharge Rabinovich, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0992D Convex mirror for panoramic imaging Hicks, R. Andrew Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0994D Alanine-Based Peptide Hydrogel Schweitzer-Stenner, Reinhard McGrath, Robert
08-0997D/P Method and Device for Treatment and prevention of malignancy in enteric diseases with cold plasma. Fridman, Gregory Melishchuk, Alexey
08-0999D Nanotube-based sensors and probes Gogotsi, Yury Caldwell, Philip
08-1003D Method and Device for Tunable Narrow-band Detection of THz Radiation Spanier, Jonathan E. Caldwell, Philip
08-1012D MIMO antenna arrays having metamaterial substrates Dandekar, Kapil R. Caldwell, Philip
08-1013D Apparatus for Atmospheric Pressure Pin-to-Hole Spark Discharge Cho, Young I. Melishchuk, Alexey
08-1017D/P Method and apparatus for braiding micro strands Giszter, Simon Rose, Heather
08-1018D Nonreversing Mirror/Reflective Surface Hicks, R. Andrew Melishchuk, Alexey
08-1019D EBIC Tomography and processing (EBIC T&TP): advanced methods of materials and device analysis Spanier, Jonathan E. Caldwell, Philip
08-1027D Encapsulation ofMicrobubbles within aqueous core of Vesicles Wrenn, Steven Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1036P The role of p110delta signaling in morbidity and lung pathology induced by influenza virus infection Katsikis, Peter D. McGrath, Robert
09-1040D Transparent Conformal polymer antennas for RFID and other wireless communications applications Fontecchio, Adam K. Caldwell, Philip
09-1041D E-Cube/MYGREENCUBE Tucker, Jim McGrath, Robert
09-1046D A novel high resolution, wide-field microscopy system for histology slide and fresh tissue imaging using polarized light Doehring, Todd Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1047D Plasma treatment for growth factor release from cells and tissues Fridman, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1049D Integrated Plasma Waste Gasification and Hydrogen-rich Production System Rabinovich, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1052D ParkSmart: a distributed parking search system using wireless sensor networks Singhal, Nikhil Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1058D Ethylene Glycol and ethylene oxide polymers by chemical vapor deposition Lau, Kenneth K.S. Caldwell, Philip
09-1066D Label-free Flow-Enhanced Specific Detection of Bacillus Anthracis using a Piezoelectric Microcantilever Sensor Shih, Wan Caldwell, Philip
09-1082D A methodology of bioprinting superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for tracking cell and bioactive factors Clyne, Alisa Morss Caldwell, Philip
09-1083D Interference Screw with Self-fixation Characteristics Siegler, Sorin Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1088D Method for Low Temperature Hydrogen Sulfide Dissociation Gutsol, Alexander F. Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1093D Mass Detection Capillary Viscometer Cho, Young I. Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1094D Design of Photoactive Discotic Liquid Crystal Fontecchio, Adam K. Caldwell, Philip
09-1096D Piezoelectric Microcatilever Sensor (PEMS) Immunological Response Detector for Antigen-Specific T Cells and Antibodies Quantification in Blood Serum Shih, Wan Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1097D Determination of Dissociation Constant Kd Using Piezoelectric Microcantilever Sensors Shih, Wan Caldwell, Philip
09-1099P Multiple-recording site on single wire design arrangements for high bandwidth spatially localized neural recording with multi-electrode probes in central and peripheral nervous system Giszter, Simon Rose, Heather
09-1100P Active Cores of Peptide Triazole HIV-1 Entry Inhibitors Chaiken, Irwin Rose, Heather
09-1103P Methods of Diagnosing Non-Urinary Tract Diseases by Detecting Aberrant Methylation Su, Ying-Hsiu Rose, Heather
09-1111D Detection, Diagnosis and Mitigation Software Faults Mancoridis, Spiros Dougherty, Paul
09-1112D Microlense controlled by 1.5 V Voltage Ji, Hai-Feng (Frank) Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1113D Micromirror array coupled with asymmetric mirror display and imaging Perline, Ronald K. Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1119D Particle-stabilized ultrasound contrast agent for diagnostic and therapeutic applications Wheatley, Margaret A. McGrath, Robert
09-1124D Improved heat pump water heater Cho, Young I. Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1125D Design Rule Hierarchy Clustering for Software Development Task Parellelism Cai, Yuanfang Dougherty, Paul
09-1132D Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube tipped pipettes for use as cellular endoscopes Gogotsi, Yury Caldwell, Philip
09-1135D MAX Phase Nanolaminates as Anodes for Li-ion Batteries Gogotsi, Yury Caldwell, Philip
09-1137D Production of Acetylene From Methane in Gliding Arc Plasma Reactor Rabinovich, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
09-1140P Small-molecule inhibitors of the HIV-1 Matrix protein Cocklin, Simon Rose, Heather
09-1142D Complex hybrid materials by directional solidification Wegst, Ulrike Caldwell, Philip
09-1145D Room Temperature Ionic Liquid-Epoxy Systems as Dispersants and Matrix Materials for Nanocomposites Palmese, Giuseppe R. Caldwell, Philip
09-1148D Method of handling liquid non-ferrous metals with refractory material Sundberg, Mats McGrath, Robert
09-1149D Automatically Generating Systematic Reviews of a Scientific Field Chen, Chaomei Dougherty, Paul
09-1150D Production of Higher Hydrocarbons from Coal Using Non Equilibrium Plasma Discharge Rabinovich, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1163D A method for distributedly solving connectivity problems with applications in power management of wireless sensor networks Regli, William Dougherty, Paul
10-1166P Novel D3 dopamine receptor agonists to treat dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease Kortagere, Sandhya Rose, Heather
10-1178D Detection of diffusable molecules from cells under flow conditions using electrodes located external to the flow field Jaron, Dov Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1179P Epigenomic DNA modifications for tissue typing,early cancer detection, disease management Su, Ying-Hsiu Rose, Heather
10-1185D Textile-Templated Electrospun Anisotropic Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Lelkes, Peter I. Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1188D Remendable interfaces for polymer composites Palmese, Giuseppe R. Caldwell, Philip
10-1189D Optimum design and implementation of fiber optic hydrophone sensors Daryoush, Afshin S. McGrath, Robert
10-1195D Dynamic load modeling of an HVAC chiller for demand response applications Nwankpa, Chikaodinaka Caldwell, Philip
10-1196D Assisting Cooling (AC) Device for Polymer Extrusion Sun, Wei Caldwell, Philip
10-1197D Asymmetric Sensor Mutharasan, Rajakkannu McGrath, Robert
10-1199D/P Real time ultrasound method for localizing endotracheal tubes (ETTs) in Neonates McGowan, Jane E. Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1201D Artifact Removal Technique for Real Time Applications of Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Highly Noisy Field and Clinical Settings Izzetoglu, Meltem Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1202D Computer model of cell aging and optimization of the aging process Kriete, Andres Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1206D Bi-directional Magnetic Permeability Enhanced Metamaterial (MPEM) Substrate for Antenna Miniaturization Dandekar, Kapil R. Caldwell, Philip
10-1208D Merged SAM Tozeren, Aydin Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1211D Technical Information for FNIR Devices, Inc. Kepics, Frank Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1212D A signal processing, analysis and visualization platform for functional near infrared spectroscopy data Ayaz, Hasan Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1213D Primary Explosive Confined Inside Conductive Channels Gogotsi, Yury Caldwell, Philip
10-1216D HIV-1 sequence hotspots for competitive binding interactions with host hub proteins. Tozeren, Aydin Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1217D Flexible Surface- Enhanced Raman Scattering (flexsers) Substrates With Filtering Capabilities Tyagi, Som Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1219D/P Synthesis of multivalent Gold Nanoparticle Peptide-troazole conjugates for delivery and mechanistic investigation of potency enhancement of gp120 trageted HIV-1 entry inhibitors Chaiken, Irwin Rose, Heather
10-1226D Ultrahigh-Power Micrometre-sized supercapacitors based on onion-like carbon Mochalin, Vadym Caldwell, Philip
10-1232D Renewable Bio-based (Meth)Acrylated Monomers as Vinyl Ester Cross-linkers Palmese, Giuseppe R. Caldwell, Philip
10-1233D Direct Mineralization of Electrospun Chitosan Fibers Lelkes, Peter I. Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1235D/P MicroRNA regulation and its utility as biomarkers in neuropathic pain Ajit, Seena K. Rose, Heather
10-1237P Novel detection of p53 249T mutation in urine of patients with hepatocellular carcinomas Su, Ying-Hsiu Rose, Heather
10-1242D Porous and infiltrated, hierarchically structured hybrid material scaffolds with aligned micro-porosity, controlled nanoporosity, controlled surface properties and topography made from polymers. Wegst, Ulrike Caldwell, Philip
10-1248P Identification of specific small molecule inhibitors of human RAD51 recombinase Mazin, Alexander V. Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1254P Identification of modulators of serine protease inhibitor kazal and their use as anti-cancer and anti-viral agents Block, Timothy M. Rose, Heather
10-1260D/P Brain training based on Optical Brain Imaging Neurofeedback Ayaz, Hasan Melishchuk, Alexey
10-1262D High energy-density electrochemical flow capacitor Gogotsi, Yury Caldwell, Philip
11-1270D Link Adaptive OFDM Ultrasound Transceiver for High Rate Through-wall Communications Primerano, Richard Caldwell, Philip
11-1271D An transgenic model to identify genes and phamacologic agents that modulate Alzheimer's disease Saunders, Aleister Rose, Heather
11-1272D De-Agglomeration and Separation of Nanoparticles in Powders with Dry Media-Assited Milling Gogotsi, Yury Caldwell, Philip
11-1273D Flat, lighweight, fully portable device for ultrasonically assisted, non-invasive, transcutaneous (transdermal) drug delivery Lewin, Peter A. Melishchuk, Alexey
11-1279D Porous Polymer Scaffolds for Neural Tissue Engineering and Method of Producing the Same Wheatley, Margaret A. Caldwell, Philip
11-1288D Integrated circuit clock mesh synthesis with clock gating Taskin, Baris Caldwell, Philip
11-1291D Adaptive Conductance Controller Implant for Cardiac Arrhythmia Guez, Allon McGrath, Robert
11-1293D Semi-Autonomous Rescue Apparatus Awerbuch, Jonathan McGrath, Robert
11-1299D Hydrogel-mediated local delivery of minocycline for spinal cord repair Zhong, Yinghui Melishchuk, Alexey
11-1302P Redox-Based Thrombelastographic Method to Detect Carboxyhemefibrinogen Mediated Hypercoagulability Vosseller, Keith McGrath, Robert
11-1304D Seizure detection algorithm Moxon, Karen Melishchuk, Alexey
11-1307D Reciprocating Manual Seed Planter Moseson, Alexander J. McGrath, Robert
11-1308D Multi-touch Piano Keyboard Kim, Youngmoo Melishchuk, Alexey
11-1310P Inhibition of caspase-1 abrogates fibrosis in scleroderma Katsikis, Peter D. McGrath, Robert
11-1312D/P Three Dimensional Cancer Invasion model Noh, Hongseok Moses Caldwell, Philip
11-1318D Novel psychotropic delivery mechanism Posmontier, Barbara McGrath, Robert
11-1319D Polar semiconducting (KBa)(NbNi)O3-x solid solution photovoltaic materials Spanier, Jonathan E. Caldwell, Philip
11-1320D Method for selecting state of a reconfigurable antenna in a communication system via machine learning Dandekar, Kapil R. Caldwell, Philip
11-1339D Tunable hot-electron transfer within a single core-shell nanowire Spanier, Jonathan E. Caldwell, Philip
11-1341D Interfacial octahedral coupling to enable charge ordering-based electronic devices with perovskite oxides May, Steven Caldwell, Philip
11-1343D High Surface Area Carbon Nanofibers with Tunable Heirarchical Pore Structure Kalra, Vibha Caldwell, Philip
11-1346D High Power Gliding Arc Plasma System for Industrial Applications Rabinovich, Alexander Melishchuk, Alexey
11-1349D Super Ion Conductive Nanofiber Fuel Cell Electrodes Elabd, Yossef (Joe) A. Caldwell, Philip
11-1352P Small molecule HIV-1 Entry Inhibitors Cocklin, Simon Rose, Heather
11-1355D Joint Bit Loading and Symbol Rotation scheme for Multi Carrier Systems in SISO and MIMO links. Dandekar, Kapil R. Caldwell, Philip
11-1360P Laparoscopic Tissue Cutter Della Badia, Carl Melishchuk, Alexey
11-1364P Novel P13K p110 Inhibitors Katsikis, Peter D. McGrath, Robert
12-1366D Produced water treatment Cho, Young I. Melishchuk, Alexey
12-1372D AMARA: The Affective Museum of Art Resource Agent Park, S. Joon Dougherty, Paul
12-1377P Compositions and Methods for Preventing, Treating or Ameliorating Cancer Metastasis Fatatis, Alessandro Rose, Heather
12-1382D Cross validation and novel methods for digital image correlation measurements across... Schwartz, Eric Caldwell, Philip
12-1388D Thixotropic Processing of Magnesium Composites with a Nanoparticle-Haloed Grain Structure for Biomedical Implant Applications Zhou, Gongyao (Jack) Melishchuk, Alexey
12-1399P Philadelphia Brief Assessment Cognition: Dementia Grossman, Murray Rose, Heather
12-1407D/P Usage of the yarns/knots to create wireless devices (e.g., RFID devices) and other circuit components Dandekar, Kapil R. Caldwell, Philip
12-1409P Women's Health Education Program: Food Label Card Games for Youth (copyright) Robertson-James, Candace McGrath, Robert
12-1410P Women's Health Education Program: Food Label Card Games for Adults (copyright) Robertson-James, Candace McGrath, Robert
12-1411D Strain of C. jejuni (C.jejuni JH1) with increased plasmid transformation ability Quinlan, Jennifer Rose, Heather
12-1419D Polymerized ionic liquid block and random copolymers: Effect of weak microphase separation on Ion transport Elabd, Yossef (Joe) A. Caldwell, Philip
12-1422D Piezoelectric Plate Sensor (PEPS) Shih, Wan Melishchuk, Alexey
12-1425D Prosthetic ankle with conic saddle shaped joint Siegler, Sorin Melishchuk, Alexey
12-1426P Mechanisms of Synergistic Control of Carbapenem-resistant MDR Acinetobacter Joshi, Suresh G. Melishchuk, Alexey
12-1429D Enhancing the sum rate performance of Interference Alignment using Reconfigurable Antennas Dandekar, Kapil R. Caldwell, Philip
12-1431P Overexpressing miR-155 to enhance CD8+ T cell immunity Katsikis, Peter D. McGrath, Robert
12-1438D/P Warfarin Dose Calculator v1.2 - Copyright Mehta, Kathan D. Rose, Heather
12-1443D ClosetClique (Rethinking the Smart Closet as an Opportunity to Enhance the Social Currency of Clothing) Rode, Jennifer Dougherty, Paul
12-1457D Intercalation compounds of 2-dimensional carbides (Mxenes) Barsoum, Michel Caldwell, Philip
12-1473D Method of Pre-Treatment of Water for Distillation Cho, Young I. Melishchuk, Alexey
12-1474D Wide Band Reconfigurable Antenna with omnidirectional and directional patterns Dandekar, Kapil R. Caldwell, Philip
12-1482D Torsional and Lateral Resonant Modes of Cantilevers as Biosensers: Alternatives to Bending Modes Mutharasan, Rajakkannu Melishchuk, Alexey
13-1497P Human Sulfide:Quinone Oxidoreductase Inhibitors Jorns, Marilyn S. Rose, Heather
13-1501D Synergistic interaction of novel photosensitizers and ultraviolet light to improve bacterial and viral inactivation in fresh produce Tikekar, Rohan V. Rose, Heather
13-1511P IHVR03 - Novel imino sugar derivatives demonstrate potent antiviral activity and reducted toxicity Block, Timothy M. Rose, Heather
13-1518P IHVR19/25 - Disubstituted Sulfonamide Compounds that inhibit Hepatitis B Virus Covalently Closed Circular DNA formation and their method of use Guo, Haitao Rose, Heather
13-1538D Flexinol Massaging Service Abichandani, Pramod Caldwell, Philip
13-1539P Novel Allosteric Modulators of Monoamine Transporters Kortagere, Sandhya Rose, Heather
88-0277D Polymerization of Aniline and its Derivatives Wei, Yen Caldwell, Philip
89-0286D Polymerization of Thiophene and Its Derivatives Wei, Yen Caldwell, Philip
90-0131S Method for using synthesis analogs of thrombospondin for inhibiting matastasis activity Tuszynski, George Caldwell, Philip
90-0295D Polymerization of pyrrole and its derivatives Wei, Yen Caldwell, Philip
91-0140 Lysate Ribonuclease protection Gillespie, David Caldwell, Philip
91-0298D Apparatus and method for determining load-displacement and flexibility characteristics of a joint Siegler, Sorin Caldwell, Philip
92-0169 Administration of Oligonucleotides antisense to Dopamine Receptor MRNA for Diagnosis and treatment of Neurological Pathologies Weiss, Benjamin McGrath, Robert
93-0178D Methods for densyfying and strengthening ceramic-ceramic composites by transient plastic phase processing Barsoum, Michel Caldwell, Philip
93-0178P Neurotrophic factor for promoting neuron survival Cunningham, Timothy J. Caldwell, Philip
95-0313D Swelling Type Co-Polymeric Composite Material with Self-Fixation Characteristics Siegler, Sorin Caldwell, Philip
95-0315D Fault tolerant electric current regulator Fischl, Robert Caldwell, Philip
95-0316D Hollow Polymer Microcapsules and Method of Producing the Same Wheatley, Margaret A. McGrath, Robert
96-0255 Methods for using microsphere polymers in bone replacement matrics and compositions produced thereby Laurencin, Cato T. McGrath, Robert
96-0263- Inhibitors of Collagen Assembly Prockop, Darwin J. McGrath, Robert
97-0304D Hybrid nanofibril matrices for use as tissue engineering devices Laurencin, Cato T. Melishchuk, Alexey
97-0325D Corrosion, Oxidation and/or Wear-Resistant Coatings and Method of Applying Same Knight, Richard Caldwell, Philip
97-0329D Rapid Tooling Sintering Method and Compositions Therefor Zhou, Gongyao (Jack) Melishchuk, Alexey
97-0334D Mesoporous Materials and Methods of Making the Same Wei, Yen Caldwell, Philip
98-0319 Neuron regulatory factor comprising a small peptide for promoting neuron survival Cunningham, Timothy J. Caldwell, Philip
98-0330 Splice Variants of BRCA1 & BRCA2 Rao, Veena N. McGrath, Robert
98-0337 Antimicrobial Histone H1 Compositions, Kits, and Methods of Use Thereof Class, Reiner McGrath, Robert
98-0341U Neutralization of c.difficile Enterotoxin A Galili, Uri Drexel Admin
98-0342D Process of Making Bipolar Electrodeposited Catalysts and Catalysts so Made Bradley, Jean-Claude Caldwell, Philip
98-0342S Process of Making Bipolar Electrodeposited Catalysts and Catalysts so Made Bradley, Jean-Claude Caldwell, Philip
98-0343D Method Enhancing Ultrasonic Techniques via Measurement of Ultraharmonic Signals Basude, Raghuveer McGrath, Robert
98-0350D Thermal Plasma Process for recovering monomers and high value carbons from polymeric materials Knight, Richard Caldwell, Philip
99-0355A Polymeric bioresorbable composites containing an amorphous calcium phosphate Laurencin, Cato T. Melishchuk, Alexey
99-0359P Mammalian MDM2 binding proteins and uses thereof Boyd, Mark T. McGrath, Robert
99-0370D Formation of Ultrafine Conductive Polymeric Fibers and Fibrous Structures (Including Welded Joints) by Electrospinning (Nanofiber Electronics) Ko, Frank Caldwell, Philip
99-0379 Ceramic based multi-site electrode arrays and methods for their production Moxon, Karen Melishchuk, Alexey
02-0451D Methods for Bulk Synthesis of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Poppert, Elizabeth Gogotsi, Yury
06-0754D Fibrous Mats Containing Chitosan Nanofibers Poppert, Elizabeth Schauer, Caroline L.
07-0835D Electrocatalysts for fuel cells Poppert, Elizabeth Elabd, Yossef (Joe) A.
07-0864D Supercapacitor compositions, devices and related methods Poppert, Elizabeth Gogotsi, Yury
08-0978D/P Metal or metal oxide deposited fibrous materials Poppert, Elizabeth Gogotsi, Yury
09-1072D New signaling molecule involved in skin UV damage (Syk-1 patent data) Melishchuk, Alexey Huang, Zhenyu
11-1327D A Reconfigurable Antenna Based Solution for Device Authentication in Wireless Networks Dougherty, Paul Dandekar, Kapil R.
12-1403D Soft Composites for Electric Motors Poppert, Elizabeth Taheri, Mitra
12-1404D Selective Grain Boundary Engineering Poppert, Elizabeth Taheri, Mitra
12-1405D Grain Size Tuning for Radiation Resistance Poppert, Elizabeth Taheri, Mitra
12-1442D A Thermosensitive and Photocrosslinkable Polymer Composite for 3-D Soft Tissue Scaffold Printing Melishchuk, Alexey Zhou, Gongyao (Jack)
12-1448D Spectral Imaging and Sensing Poppert, Elizabeth Kurzweg, Timothy P.
12-1480P Host-derived urine biomarker(s) of HIV replication for noninvasive, point-of-care testing Rose, Heather Schlecht, Hans P.
13-1494D Identifying Implicit Relationships between Social Media Users to Support Social Commerce Dougherty, Paul Yang, Christopher C.
13-1496D Method and Device for Multi-Dimensional Digital Pupillometry-Based Assay of the Pharmacodynamic Effect of Diverse CNS-Acting Drugs Melishchuk, Alexey Hirsh, Robert
13-1499D Assessing tissue damage by measuring blood microcirculation in cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues using diffuse correlation spectroscopy Melishchuk, Alexey Zubkov, Leonid
13-1503D Dual Map Overlays Dougherty, Paul Chen, Chaomei
13-1523D Low-cost, low-vacuum and industrially scalable thin film deposition process for processing heteroepitaxial ocide pervskite thin films of exceptional quality Poppert, Elizabeth Spanier, Jonathan E.
13-1527D/P Chimeric Cyanovirin-MPER Recombinantly Engineered Proteins that Cause Cell-Free Virolysis of HIV-1 Pseudovirus Rose, Heather Chaiken, Irwin
13-1542D NanoGrab Poppert, Elizabeth Taheri, Mitra
13-1548P Treatment of Herpes Simplex Keratitis with ATM inhibitor alone or in cominbination with polymerase inhibitor Rose, Heather Azizkhan- Clifford, Jane
13-1549D/P MicroRNA diagnostic for predicting ketamine treatment outcomes for patients suffering with neuropathic pain Rose, Heather Ajit, Seena K.
13-1553P Use of plasma-treated liquids to treat herpes keratitis Rose, Heather Azizkhan- Clifford, Jane
13-1560D Accurate determination of melanoma thickness using array piexoelectric fingers of different contact widths Melishchuk, Alexey Shih, Wan
13-1561D Dielectrophoretic device for cell mechanics Melishchuk, Alexey Morss Clyne, Alisa
13-1562D Strain Mapping in TEM Using Precession Electron Diffraction Poppert, Elizabeth Taheri, Mitra
13-1563D MobileVCS Dougherty, Paul Balakrishnan, Girish
13-1564D Novel, Environmentally Sustainable and Human Safe Approach for Insect Pest Control Rose, Heather Marenda, Daniel R.
13-1577D Simultaneous resonant cantilever sensing and electrochemical sensing Melishchuk, Alexey Mutharasan, Rajakkannu
13-1586D Knitted Supercapacitors and Heated Fabrics Poppert, Elizabeth Gogotsi, Yury
13-1593D Cyclic annealing process of AA5456 for removal of B phase precipitates due to sensitization McGrath, Robert Taheri, Mitra
13-1593D Cyclic annealing process of AA5456 for removal of B phase precipitates due to sensitization Poppert, Elizabeth Taheri, Mitra
13-1595P Polypharmacological effects of a novel Dopamine D3 receptor agonist improve performance in cognitive tasks Rose, Heather Kortagere, Sandhya
13-1599D/P MicroRNA Biomarkers for CRPS and Neuropathic Pain Rose, Heather Ajit, Seena K.
13-1603D On the Interaction of Design Rule Space and Bug Space Dougherty, Paul Cai, Yuanfang
13-1604P CXCR4 up and down regulation for treatment of disease Rose, Heather Meucci, Olimpia
13-1605P Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors of HIV-1 Entry Rose, Heather Cocklin, Simon
13-1609D Spray-Freezing of Phase-Change Materials for Air-Cooled PowerPlants Poppert, Elizabeth McCarthy, Matthew
13-1618D Immunomodulatory hydrogels for healing chronic wounds Melishchuk, Alexey Spiller, Kara L.
13-1620D Novel Alzheimer's Disease Treatment Methods Rose, Heather Saunders, Aleister
13-1623D Chemisorption-switched ultraviolet optoelectronics Poppert, Elizabeth Spanier, Jonathan E.
13-1630P Facile determination of rifamycin compounds Rose, Heather Vinnard, Christopher
14-1640D Exo-Skin Haptic Glove Data Interaction System and Rehabilitative Device Dougherty, Paul Dion, Genevieve
14-1642D Knit Pneumatics/Articulating Devices Dougherty, Paul Dion, Genevieve
14-1645D Wearable Power harvesting system Melishchuk, Alexey Dion, Genevieve