Walkthrough is a term used to designate students who have not completed all of their degree requirements by the date of the spring Commencement but are still eligible to march in the Commencement ceremony. This special category includes students enrolled in programs normally scheduled for completion during the summer following Commencement and those who have successfully completed a defense of their thesis or dissertation and are committed to making any minor revisions necessary by the end of the summer.

Other students with some remaining course work, clinical training or perceived special circumstances must obtain the approval of their respective program directors in order to participate in the ceremony. In all instances, students should check with their program to receive authorization.

Diplomas are conferred in August, December, March (MFS only) and May. Students completing all academic requirements by the end of the summer will have their degree conferred and distributed in August 2014.

For more information about walkthrough status, contact your program and/or refer to your student handbook.