Get to Know Your Local Occupiers: A Framing Analysis of the Online Coverage of the Occupy Movement

Project #: 91
Name: Hakanen, Ernest A. (; 215-895-1354)
Department: Culture and Communication
Academic Area: Communication

Title: Get to Know Your Local Occupiers: A Framing Analysis of the Online Coverage of the Occupy Movement

This project examines online journalistic coverage of the occupy movement, specifically looking at how journalists frame the occupiers and the movement as a whole. A framing analysis asks the question: through what lenses do journalists discuss (or not discuss) the occupy protests. This project will specifically examine popular news articles written about occupy that were then re-posted and re-tweeted on Facebook and Twitter. After collecting these articles from the year long period of occupy protests, researchers will conduct a quantitative framing analysis using historical protest frames as a starting point. This will give us insight into the contemporary journalistic techniques used to describe social protest movements. / Specifically, we will use the protest frames developed by Todd Gitlin, Jack Lule, and Ronald Bishop to look for similarities and differences in past and present social protest movements.

Associated Independent Study:
The nature of the independent study will include both content collection and coding reserach. Student researchers will be asked to do archival work, looking to locate and record online news articles from news aggregate NewsWhip. After collecting, student researchers will be asked to code the articles for the appearance of ten specific frames, based on the Gitlin, Lule, and Bishops work.

Gained Experience:
The student researchers will gain experience in both media framing techniques, as well archival and online research. Students will be able to then conduct their own research using similar techniques and methods. It will also give valuable experience to list on a resume.

An article to be submitted to a top communication journal.

Specifically, student researchers will be collecting and coding news articles on the occupy movement.

Work will take place in the PSA (33rd and Powelton) library or on a Drexel computer. Work can also be conducted from a home or personal computer.

Students will need to check in at least one day a week (Monday or Thursday afternoons) and be available via email or Skype for meetings.

Interview Availability: March 5, March 7