Social media and its impact on television

Project #: 74
Name: Asta Zelenkauskaite (; 215-895-1717)
Department: Culture and Communication
Academic Area: Communication; Science, Technology, and Society; Social Media

Title: Social media and its impact on television

This project deals with the changes mass media such as television is experiencing due to new practices in which users engage with the programming. New technological affordances such as social media outlets -- Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to mention a few that allow users to interact with those programs. . The goal of this project is to empirically assess these changes by collecting user interaction data related to the specific programs. With my help, we will identify the list of the programs that use social media. You will be expected to watch those programs and systematically collect evidence that exhibit the purpose of the interactions, its nature, and frequency. No prior skills related to data collection or analysis is required. The interest towards the programs and social media use is desirable.

Associated Independent Study:
This independent study will be structured as follows:. 1) Exploratory phase: familiarization with the programs that use social media outlets. 2) Systematic data collection plan. 3) Data collection from social media platforms and TV. 4) Data analysis (supervised by me). 5) Final report regarding the findings

Gained Experience:
The student will gain not only the overall experience conducting research by collecting and analyzing a unique dataset -- by learning through a hands-on project which can be valuable not only in academic setting but also as ways to answer questions in any real-world environment. The student will be further be familiarized with the trends in social media and its impact on society. The results of the study will be submitted for presentation eg. for University Research Day.

The initial outcome is the Final report accompanied by the poster which can be presented during Drexel Research Day.

1) Student will watch various types TV shows that currently use social media. 2) Student will have to record these shows and copy and archive their social media streams 3) Student will be familiarized in ways how to systematically analyze those data. 4) Student will engage in a type of a systematic data analysis 5) Student will write up a final report regarding the findings and create a poster

In addition to the meetings with me (that will take place on campus), data collection can be done from home by recording TV and using internet access to collect additional data.

I foresee to have at least two face-to-face meetings for the initial set up of the study. Data collection phase will be independent. Data analysis part will require another sets of face-to-face meetings. Finally, write up will be independent. Additional meetings will be set up based on clarity of the process.

Interview Availability: April 18, 2014; April 21, 2014; April 22, 2014