History of Painted Bride Quarterly as Illustrative of the Role of the Literary Magazine in American Culture, PART History of TWO

Project #: 72
Name: Volk Miller, Kathleen (; 856-308-4699)
Department: English and Philosphy
Academic Area: English

Title: History of Painted Bride Quarterly as Illustrative of the Role of the Literary Magazine in American Culture, PART TWO

We'd like to continue the research we began last summer, which gathered evidence as to the role of the literary magazine in our culture, via the lens of Painted Bride Quarterly. The connections our research illustrates is that publication in a literary magazine is the primary step toward further prizes and "more important" publications; we have tracked many of authors careers. We now need to further interpret the data and determine the best methods by which to share the information gathered.

Associated Independent Study:
The research gathered from PBQ's history can be applied to the philosophy or intent of literary magazines as a whole. Literary magazines have been an important part of the American cultural landscape for more than a century. But the 1970s saw a surge in the field, and PBQ was part of that ferment. Since its inception in the early 1970's, PBQ has been part of a burgeoning trend of literary magazine publishing. While we believe that PBQ embodies its founding editors' vision of providing an outlet for new voices, we realize that we do not stand alone. Much research was done on all of the above, but context and meaning need to be more clearly drawn. A student could work take a look at the literary magazine through history, e.g. the proliferation of magazines within the context of the Internet's democratic publishing opportunities.

Gained Experience:
The student would be introduced and trained in both conventional and digital archival research. The student will gather empirical data to chart PBQ's position in the literary field. Further, students will be introduced to the techniques of ethnographic interviewing strategies. We will build a set of survey questions and set up opportunities for in-depth interviews with PBQ contributors. Students will be given the opportunity to interview professional writers, compile their field notes, and use those notes as empirical evidence of PBQ's historical role as an important literary magazine.

Our ultimate goal is to publish an article in Associated Writing Program's Chronicle or Poets and Writers, illustrating our findings. We also plan to present our findings at scholarly and professional conferences such as: AWP, National Communication Association (NCA), MLA, and the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT). The data gathered will need to be interpreted and decisions made on how to disseminated. We would most certainly also use our findings in grant applications, on our own "About" page, on our WIkipedia page, and whenever else we might be asked for our history.

Research: gathering data and learning the methods of digital and conventional archival research. / Ethnography: Students will be given an opportunity to interview writers and PBQ contributors, and then write up field notes based on their interviews. Analysis and interpretation: The material will then need to be presented visually.

Drexel libraries, the Philadelphia Free Library, Temple University's periodical archive, and online.

T. and Th. afternoons

Interview Availability: March 5