Humanities Fellowship Projects

This page provides information on the Humanities Fellowship projects currently available. The page is typically updated by mid-February of the current academic year.


The Humanities Fellowship Program is for undergraduate students in humanities and social sciences programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Fellowship is designed to encourage research in these areas and to offer paid opportunities, which are often unavailable in the humanities. Applicants must be in their sophomore year or later.

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Please click on the project title for an extensive description of each project. Be sure to read the full project descriptions carefully. Your application will be judged by how well you understand the project and how well you demonstrate your suitability.

Eligible students may apply for up to three of the projects. However, if applying for multiple projects, please rank them in order of preference.

The application deadline is April 14, 2015. Finalists will be interviewed by the faculty member sponsoring the project. Winners will be announced on or about May 9, 2015. For conditions of application, and terms of the fellowship, see the application form.

If you have any questions, please contact the program director, Eva Thury, PhD at:

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2014-2015 Projects

Project First Name Last Name Department Project Title
15 Marilyn Piety English and Philosophy Misunderstanding Natural Selection
17 Cyndi Rickards Criminology & Justice Studies Examining the Efficacy OF 21st-Century Skill Acquisition as a Result of Democratic Engagement Within a Side-by-Side Community-Based Learning Course
18 Stacey E. Ake English & Philosophy Lifesigns: The Evolution of Neurosemiotic Theory
45 Karen Nulton English & Philosophy Uncovering Stories Students Tell
51 Meghan Butryn Psychology Project Impact: An Innovative, Physical-Activity Focused Approach to Weight Loss Maintenance
56 Daniel Touey English and Philosophy Does the Fourth Canon of the NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers Need to be Revised?
70 Gwen Ottinger History & Politics Moral Discourses of Opposition to New Crude Oil Projects
75 Adam Knowles English & Philosophy Miranda v. Arizona at Fifty: Reviewing the Right to Remain Silent
79 Ron Bishop Communication Who Gets to be a Hero? The Construction of Heroism in the U.S. News Media
81 Deirdre H. McMahon English & Philosophy Girls Who Kill: Gender and Empire in Victorian Literature for Children
85 Daniel Mirman Psychology Individual Differences in Spoken Language Comprehension
88 José Tapia History & Politics Social Movements and Emerging Political Parties: Recent Experiences in Europe
90 Evan M. Forman Psychology A Companion Smartphone App to Enhance Dietary Adherence through Predictive Machine Learning
91 Valerie Fox English & Philosophy Content Developer for Texture Press
99 Mary Ebeling Sociology Phantom Data: The Impossibility of Privacy and What Patients Give Up for Health