2012-2013 Dean's Seminar Archive

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
5/22/2013 From Repairing the Brain to Connecting the Brain: Astrocytes are Bystanders No More A. Denise Garcia Biology
5/8/2013 The Bilateralization of the United Nations Erin Graham History & Politics
4/24/2013 Policing Unhealthy Places: A New Paradigm for Facilitating Urban Health Robert Kane Culture & Communication
4/10/2013 "Aha!" Moments in the Brain John Kounios Psychology
2/27/2013 From Durer to Dodge Durango: a Mathematician's View of Images Andy Hicks Mathematics
2/13/2013 Social Media and its Impact Through Active Contribution and Interaction Asta Zelenkauskaite Culture & Communication
1/30/2013 Physics of Protein Folding in Living Cells Hairong Ma Physics
1/16/2013 Cloning the Cooperative: Oranges, Genetics, and the Global Circulation of California Tiago Saraiva History & Politics
11/14/2012 Speaking Stats to Power: Human Rights Organizations and Numerical Evidence Amelia Hoover Green History & Politics
10/31/2012 Classifying Bodies, Classifying Illness: Tracing the Creation of Autoimmune Disease Kelly Joyce History & Politics
10/17/2012 Neutrinos in the Laboratory and in the Universe Michelle Dolinski Physics
10/3/2012 Regarding Blackness in Speculative Fiction and Media Andre Carrington English & Philosophy