2011-2012 Dean's Seminar Archive

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
5/23/2012 Protein Misfolding in Aging and Disease: Lessons from the Worm Flavia Padovani English & Philosophy
5/9/2012 Climate Change and the Nomads of Northern Mongolia Clyde Goulden Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science
4/25/2012 A Logical Space for Measurement Tali Gidalevitz English & Philosophy
4/11/2012 Cheaper, Cleaner Air: Uncovering the Benefits and Mechanisms of Biowalls for Improved Indoor Air Quality Jake Russell, Shivanthi Anandan, Michael Waring (Engineering) Biology
2/29/2012 University Life in Central Africa: Challenges for Production of Scientific and Humanistic Knowledge Rachel Reynolds Culture & Communication
2/15/2012 Great Steps in the History of Life: The Origin of Limbed Vertebrates Ted Daeschler Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science
2/1/2012 What the Eyes Can Tell us About Autism Felicia Hurewitz Psychology
1/18/2012 Back to the Future: A Historical Perspective on Ecological Change David Velinsky Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science
11/9/2011 Is Legal Punishment Morally Justified? Nathan Hanna English & Philosophy
10/26/2011 The Vampire as Hero: Projective Identification in Tales of the Undead Eva Thury English & Philosophy
10/12/2011 Where are the Activist Judges in Same Sex Marriage? Scott Barclay History & Politics
9/28/2011 Army Ants: Top Predators, Ecological Keystones, Superorganisms Sean O'Donnell Biology