2010-2011 Dean's Seminar Archive

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
5/18/2011 Our Can't Do Spirit: Political Dysfunction and the Promises of Deliberative Democracy Andrew Smith Philosophy
4/20/2011 Compressive Senses: Making the Most of Few Measurements Simon Foucart Mathematics
4/6/2011 Nano for All, All for Nano: The Optimism of High Tech in America Amy Slaton and Mary Ebling History & Politics and Sociology
3/30/2011 Nanoscale Objects with Megascale Impact: Emergent Phenomena in Mesoscopic Systems Goran Karapetrov Physics
2/23/2011 A People's History of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution George Ciccariello-Maher History & Politics
2/19/2011 Building and Navigating the Cell’s Skeleton Elias Spiliotis Biology
1/12/2011 The Reality of Climate Change: Our Great 21st Century Challenge Susan Kilham Biology
10/27/2010 Internet Access in our Public Libraries: Should Patrons Worry about Security and Privacy? Robert D'Ovidio Criminal Justice