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Ask  Magazine


The College's annual magazine, Ask (art+science=knowledge), provides a look back on the events and achievements of the past year and highlights some of the impressive members of the CoAS community. We invite you to read the current issue on our website at or download pdfs of the issues below. If you would like to receive future print editions of the magazine, please sign up here.

Ask Magazine 2014

Ask Issue 2014

Issue Features: The story of how Flying Fish founder Gene Muller turned a blog into a brewery; a conversation with the students who helped unearth the most complete supermassive dinosaur skeleton ever discovered; Drexel's social scientists’ insights into our environmental problems; a psychology professor who’s changing the way our nation approaches juvenile justice; and one graduate student’s mission to change the faces of science — starting with an after-school program in South Philly.

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Ask Magazine 2013

Ask Issue 2013

Issue Features: A conversation on race with Africana Studies’ Co-Director Yaba Blay, PhD; a new psychological intervention Drexel researchers are using to help patients live with their “monsters”; the storied career of Women’s Studies Director Rose Corrigan, PhD, and her work as a rape care advocate; four profs’ extracurricular exploits that may surprise you; communication alum Kevin Brooks’ secret weapon for good; and the magical double life of philosophy major Douglas Stafford.

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Ask Magazine 2012

Ask Issue 2012

Issue Features: A preview of the College’s new “BEES” department; the promising future of Elias Okwara, an international area studies student; an alum profile of distinguished researcher and scientist Lucile Adams-Campbell, PhD; a look at the co-editor of Painted Bride Quarterly’s love affair with language; and one professor’s journey as the spokesperson for the play “movement.”

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Ask Magazine 2011

Ask Issue 2011

Issue Features: A conversation with Drexel University President John Fry; a look back at psychology alumnus Casey Swegman’s journey to international humanitarian; a glimpse into the life of Jacob Russell, PhD, the scientist who still plays with bugs; one physics major’s odyssey around the globe; and a jam session with Elias Spiliotis, PhD, the cell biologist whose veins pulse with rock and roll.

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Drexel Publishing Group

The Drexel Publishing Group in the Department of English and Philosophy serves the University by providing literary publications that highlight outstanding writing ranging from student work to international submissions. The DPG oversees the journals The 33rd, PBQ, and Maya and publishes DPG Online in addition to developing and producing events and new publications from which Drexel University as a whole will benefit.

CoAS Drexel Publishing Group

DPG Online

The Drexel Publishing Group (DPG) oversees four literary publications at Drexel University, including Painted Bride Quarterly, The 33rd, Maya and DPG Online. These publications highlight outstanding writing from Drexel students and faculty, as well as international authors.

Painted Bride Quarterly

Painted Bride Quarterly

As an independent, non-profit literary magazine, the Painted Bride Quarterly’s primary agenda is to grow and maintain a venue for the highest quality literature that best represents the individual voice. PBQ takes pride in publishing both first-time authors and Pulitzer-prize winners, quarterly online and annually in print, ensuring that the content is interesting and contemporary. The combination of PBQ's dual-city editorial tables and the rotating student staff make its perspective fresh and its voice unique.

The views expressed by the authors and editors of the Painted Bride Quarterly do not necessarily reflect the views of Drexel University, the College of Arts and Sciences and its Department of English and Philosophy.

Maya - Literary Magazine


Maya serves as Drexel University's undergraduate student-run literary magazine. Maya has had a presence at Drexel for over 40 years, and is an outlet for creative expression in poetry, prose, and the visual arts.

The 33rd

The 33rd

The 33rd is an interdisciplinary, multi-genre anthology that features work from both Drexel students and faculty. Its versatility and wide-rage of topics make the anthology a exciting addition to the freshman writing curriculum at Drexel.