#CoASDayintheLife Instagram Challenge


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The College community is a diverse bunch: we are freshmen and seniors, faculty and staff, alumni near and far. We are connected to almost every field of research and we live all over the world. We don’t always speak the same language, or have the words to describe what we do or who we are, but there are moments—images—that sometimes come close to what words fail to capture.

The “CoAS Day-in-the-Life” Instagram Challenge uses the marvel of new technology to illustrate the truly unique—and connected—members of the Drexel College of Arts and Sciences community. We invite you, CoAS students, faculty, staff and alumni, to share the moments that define your day.  And you’ll have the chance to win some pretty cool prizes, too.


  1. Download. Download the Instagram app to your smartphone. If you don’t currently have an Instagram account, you’ll need to create one—it’s free!
  2. Follow. Follow us @drexel_coas.
  3. Instagram. Instagram your best “CoAS Day-in-the-Life” photos ’til your heart’s content (or until the contest ends on July 12, 2015—whichever comes first). Just be sure to add the tag #coasdayinthelife and @drexel_coas to your photo captions so we can find them! Please note the following to ensure your submission(s) can be viewed:
    • If your photo stream is public: you don’t need to do anything; we’ll be able to see your tagged photos
    • If your photo stream is private: Once you follow our page (@drexel_coas) you’ll need to allow us to follow you back so we can see your photo submissions, OR you’ll need to email us your “Instagrammed” photos at, subject line “CoAS Instagram Contest.”
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That’s it! You’ll have from September 24, 2014 until July 12, 2015 to tag/submit your photos. Once the contest period is over, we’ll post the 50 best submissions—chosen at our discretion based on originality and creativity—to the College of Arts and Sciences’ Facebook page. The person whose photo receives the most “likes” on Facebook by July 26th will win a $250 VISA gift card! We’ll also be awarding gift cards to the 2nd and 3rd place winners. AND, for an added bonus: Our favorite “CoAS Day-in-the-Life” photos will be featured in a spread in the College’s 2015 Ask magazine! Read on for more details...


The contest participant whose photo receives the most “likes” on Facebook at the end of the “voting period” will win a $250 VISA gift card. The 2nd place winner will receive a $50 VISA gift card, and the 3rd place winners will each receive a $25 VISA gift card. In the event of a tie for the top 3 photos, the voting deadline for the tied photos only will be extended until 11:59PM EST on July 27, 2015. If the tie is not broken during the extended contest period, the College will select the 3 winners from the tied photos. Winners will be announced during the week of July 27, 2015.

Spread in Ask Magazine: The most original and creative Instagram photos that best depict a “day in the life” of our College’s students, faculty, staff or alums will be featured in the 2015 issue of Ask magazine!


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The Instagram photo “submission period” will run from 9:00AM EST on September 24, 2014 until 11:59PM EST on July 12, 2015. The “judging period” for the College to select the top 50 photos for the Facebook portion of the contest will run from 9:00AM EST on July 13, 2015 until 5:00PM EST on July 17, 2014. The Facebook “voting period” will run from 9:00AM EST on July 20, 2015 and will end at 11:59PM EST on July 26, 2015.


  • Photo submission to the “CoAS Day-in-the-Life” Instagram Challenge is open to Drexel University College of Arts and Sciences students, faculty, staff and alums only.
  • Participation in the Facebook “voting period” is open to Drexel University students, faculty, staff, alums, family and friends worldwide.
  • Challenge participants must follow @drexel_coas on Instagram to be eligible for prizes.
  • Inappropriate or offensive photos will be flagged and disqualified at the College’s discretion. Unsuitable content includes but is not limited to: the promotion of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products; sexually suggestive or explicit images; copyrighted materials not owned by the Instagram account holder; and/or any photos that are offensive, obscene or derogatory in nature.


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Q: Who can participate in the "CoAS Day-in-the-Life” Instagram Challenge?
A: Since the challenge highlights a day in the life of a CoAS community member, only CoAS students, faculty, staff and alums can submit photos to the contest. However, the Facebook voting portion of the contest is open to everyone.

Q: Do I have to be in my Instagrammed photo?
A: No, being in the photo is not required. We encourage you to take photos of anything—be it a stack of books, a test tube, or your favorite journal and a cup of coffee—that embodies your life as a CoAS community member.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of photos I can submit?
A: You can submit as many photos as you’d like until the contest submission period ends on July 12th!

Q: Can I tag photos I’ve previously Instagrammed and submit them to the contest?
A: Yes, as long as you tag them before July 12th.

Q: How will you get my contact information if I’m chosen for the Facebook portion of the contest or the Instagram spread in Ask magazine?
A: We’ll leave a comment on your Instagram photo during the week of July 13th asking you to email us your contact information. Remember, if your photos are “private” you’ll either need to allow us to follow you back on Instagram, or you can simply email us your submissions along with your contact details to, subject line “CoAS Instagram Contest.”