CoAS Full-Time Faculty Additions for 2013-2014

October 2, 2013 — From cancer biology to ESL to the electron dynamics of nanomaterials, our 25 new full-time teaching and tenure-track faculty bring a diverse set of research and teaching expertise.


Joy Little
Joy Little, Assistant Teaching Instructor
PhD, Cancer Biology, Wake Forest University
Research/Teaching areas: Cancer biology, cell biology, general biology

John Rutter
John Rutter, Associate Teaching Professor
PhD, Physiology and Neurobiology, Rutgers University
Research/Teaching areas: Examining the effects of stimulants on monoaminergic neurotransmission, utilizing hormonal, behavioral and neurochemical approaches; implementing novel learning approaches that will assist students at different levels in the curriculum assimilate the underlying principles of anatomy, physiology, and related biomedical courses

Jennifer Stanford
Jennifer Stanford, Assistant Professor
PhD, Cell and Developmental Biology, Harvard University, Ruderman Lab
Research/Teaching areas: Evaluating evidence-based pedagogical approaches to improve undergraduate STEM student persistence and engagement; assessing the effectiveness of research experiences for undergraduate STEM students, including: traditional mentored research programs and discovery-based laboratory courses; evaluating skill-based courses for undergraduate (i.e. career planning courses) and graduate students (i.e. research methods)


Molly O'Connor
Molly O'Connor, Assistant Teaching Professor
PhD, Chemistry, Drexel University
Research/Teaching areas: General chemistry and inorganic chemistry; synthesis and characterization of chiral and achiral nickel(II) and copper(II) complexes with multidentate ligands

Bryan Wong
Bryan Wong, Assistant Professor
PhD, Physical Chemistry, MIT
Research/Teaching areas: Electron dynamics of nanomaterials

Culture and Communication

Lallen Johnson
Lallen Johnson, Assistant Professor
PhD, Criminal Justice, Temple University
Research/Teaching areas: Drugs and violence; race, crime, and justice; ecology of crime; geographic information systems

English and Philosophy

Cassandra Hirsh
Cassandra "Casey" Hirsch, Assistant Teaching Professor
MFA, Creative Writing (Fiction), Rosemont College
Research/Teaching areas: Courses in the First-Year Writing Program (FWP). Liason between FWP and pilot Freshman Academic Seminar Program (FASP), coordinating writing support beyond the classroom.

Jill Moses
Jill Moses, Assistant Teaching Professor
MFA, University of Oregon
Research/Teaching areas: Poetry, women's studies, ESL, composition

Keunah Han
Keunah (Paulina) Han, Assistant Teaching Professor
PhD, Temple University
Research/Teaching areas: International students' academic performance and cultural adaptation in the US

English Language Center

Bethany Fallon
Bethany Fallon, Instructor
MS, Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum, Drexel University
Research/Teaching areas: English as a second language; co-curricular programming; intercultural communication

Katherine Houseman
Katherine Houseman, Instructor
MA,Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, SIT Graduate Institute
Research/Teaching areas: English for academic purposes, tutoring English language learners, English as a Lingua Franca

History and Politics

Alison Kenner
Alison Kenner, Assistant Professor
PhD, Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Research/Teaching areas: Environmental health problems; asthma; U.S. healthcare; health informatics/health technologies; feminist theory; biopolitics/bioethics

Sharon Ku
Sharon Ku, Assistant Research Professor
PhD, Department of History & Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University
Research/Teaching areas: Sociology of scientific knowledge; anthropology of science and policymaking, particularly in standardization and nanotechnology

Chole Silverman
Chloe Silverman, Associate Professor
PhD, History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania
Research/Teaching areas: History and sociology of developmental differences and disorders, contested illnesses, affect and scientific research, environmental sociology, bioethics, disability studies, and the history and politics of mental health

Katharine Travaline, Assistant Teaching Professor
PhD Environmental Policy, Drexel University
Research/Teaching areas: Theories of justice, history of political thought, American government, problems of individual liberty and government authority

Nicole Turner
Nicole Myers Turner, Instructor
PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Research/Teaching areas: 19th century United States history; African American history; politics and religion; gender and women in history


Lei Cao
Lei Cao, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, Drexel University
Research/Teaching areas: Algebraic combinatorics, operator theory and determinantal representations

Carlo Fazioli
C. Carlo Fazioli, Assistant Teaching Professor
PhD, University of Illinois as Chicago
Research/Teaching areas: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Ryan Kaliszewski
Ryan Kaliszewski, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Research/Teaching areas: Algebraic combinatorics and algebraic geometry (mostly positivity conditions on symmetric generating functions or characteristic functions); enumerative combinatorics

Gideon Simpson
Gideon Simpson, Assistant Professor
PhD, Columbia University
Research/Teaching areas: Partial differential equations, scientific computing and applied mathematics

Aijun Zhang
Aijun Zhang, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, Auburn University
Research/Teaching areas: Dynamical systems, differential equations and their applications; mathematical biology


Nicholas Ross, Assistant Research Professor
PhD, Physics, University of Durham, UK
Research/Teaching areas: Large Scale Structure, Cosmology; galaxy-quasar formation and evolution; active galactic nuclei (observational and theory); spectroscopic surveys; fundamental physics


Daniel Mirman
Daniel Mirman, Assistant Professor
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Research/Teaching areas: Neurobiology of language

Jennifer Schwartz
Jennifer Schwartz, Associate Teaching Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, Idaho State University
Research/Teaching areas: Adult psychopathology; evidence-based practice; competency-based training; competency-based clinical supervision

Christopher Sims
Christopher Sims, Assistant Professor
PhD, Cognitive Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Research/Teaching areas: Learning and decision-making under uncertainty, visual memory, computational models of cognition