BBC Travel Series Airs with BEES Prof & Actor Dominic Monaghan

January 8, 2013 —

Dominic confronts Army Ants

Dom contemplates a vial of army ant soldiers at Tiputini Biodiversity Station.

The Ecuadorian adventures of Dr. Sean O’Donnell will air on February 26, 2013 at 10PM ET in a new BBC America travel documentary series featuring actor Dominic Monaghan ("Lost" and "Lord of the Rings"). O’Donnell, a tropical ecologist in the College’s Department of Biodiversity, Earth, and Environmental Science (BEES), serves as an expert consultant on the sixth episode of the series "Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan." The episode follows Monaghan and O’Donnell through Ecuador’s Tiputini rainforest in search of predatory army ants—O’Donnell’s specialty. Along the way, the crew captured rare footage of the ants’ massive swarm raids, as well as their relationships with other rainforest animals.

O’Donnell has worked on several other television projects, including two National Geographic series in Costa Rica. His research interests span organisms from insects to birds, and topics from neurobiology to tropical ecology. A professor in Drexel’s College of Arts and Sciences since September 2011, O’Donnell conducts field research and courses in Central and South America.

Eciton Army Ant Raid - Ecuador

Photo and video courtesy of Dr. Sean O'Donnell.

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