• Dr. Rebecca Ingalls Co-Edits Book on Plagiarism

    November, 29, 2012

    Freshman Writing Program Director Dr. Rebecca Ingalls and colleagues explore the intricacies of plagiarism in their new book Critical Conversations About Plagiarism (Parlor Press, 2012)—a project 6 years in the making.


  • In The Field, Early and Often

    November, 29, 2012

    Drexel's new Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science Department offers students a more comprehensive environmental science experience, with heavy emphasis on work in the field. In that way, it's a perfect fit for Drexel's learn-by-doing model.


  • CNN's Soledad O'Brien to Moderate Advance Screening of "Who is Black in America?" Documentary and Discussion

    November, 28, 2012

    CNN’s Soledad O’Brien will join Drexel University for an advance screening of the new documentary “Who is Black in America?” on Tuesday, Dec. 4, from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., part of a multi-part series moderated by O'Brien, which explores issues of colorism and identity.


  • Selling Their Future

    November, 27, 2012

    The secretive, little-understood drill monkey has thrived for centuries on the African island of Bioko. But with hunting pressures now pushing the species to the brink, Drexel researchers are fighting back; and working to convince islanders that the monkeys, and the biodiversity they represent, are worth a great deal more than the $300 they fetch at market.


  • On Display in NYC: Non-Reversing Mirror Invented by Drexel Math Professor

    November, 16, 2012

    When you look in a mirror, you see an image of yourself in reverse. But one odd mirror invented by mathematics professor Dr. R. Andrew Hicks at Drexel University shows your true face without reversing its image.


  • College Seeks Director of Psychology Clinic

    November, 15, 2012

    Drexel University’s internationally-renowned Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology (ranked #7 nationally in per capita research productivity by the Chronicle of Higher Education) is opening a Psychology Clinic for which it seeks a Director.


  • What I'm Reading: Kathleen Volk Miller

    November, 13, 2012

    Kathleen Volk Miller, an associate teaching professor in the English Department in the College of Arts and Sciences, writes essays and fiction, and has been published in Salon, The New York Times, and Family Circle. She is also a weekly blogger


  • CoAS Faculty, Staff Win Outstanding Online Instruction and Advising Awards

    November, 9, 2012

    Drexel University Online honored two members of the College of Arts and Sciences on Thursday, November 8th at the sixth annual National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) awards ceremony. NDLW recognizes exceptional leaders, faculty, and staff for their accomplishments and dedication to online learning.


  • Q&A with Bill Rosenberg: 2012 Election Results

    November, 8, 2012

    Tuesday night’s election results declared incumbent President Barack Obama the victor after a long—and often bitter—campaign season. DrexelNow spoke with Dr. Bill Rosenberg of the College of Arts and Sciences’ History and Politics department and director of Drexel’s Survey Research Center about the outcome of this election, and what four more years of an Obama administration means for the United States.


  • Q&A With Dr. Ted Daeschler

    November, 1, 2012

    The College of Arts and Sciences welcomes Academy scientist Dr. Ted Daeschler to the Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science. Learn more about the paleontologist who unearthed the transitional fossil between fish and early limbed vertebrates, and hear his thoughts on meeting Stephen Colbert!