• CoAS Alumni Mingle at 2010 Philadelphia Auto Show

    February, 21, 2010

    A diverse group of Drexel alumni gathered on Wednesday February 3, 2010 for an evening at the Philadelphia International Auto Show, hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Drexel University Alumni Association. The evening began with a reception at Maggioano’s restaurant and was followed by a discussion with CoAS faculty members, Dr. R. Andrew Hicks and Dr. Maria Schultheis. Dr. Hicks discussed his work in developing an automobile side-view mirror that eliminates blind spots, while Dr. Schultheis explained some of her recent research involving the dangers of texting while driving, including what she considers to be “the perfect storm of distractions.”


  • An Inside Look At Dr. Scott Warnock's Online Classroom

    February, 17, 2010

    Sitting down for an interview with Dr. Scott Warnock, I came mentally prepared for a heated discussion on distance learning. As a techno-illiterate, I've struggled to come to terms with the idea of teaching via the internet. I did my research: academic and professional background, personal blog vetting, and whatever information I could gather from his previous students. Armed with my points of contention, I was surprised to find within the first few minutes of our time together that this was much less like an interview than a conversation with an old friend.