CoAS Students Win Top Prizes at University Research Day

April 19, 2010 — Dean Donna Murasko and the entire College community applaud the work of the CoAS students who participated in this year's University Research Day, which took place on Thursday, April 15, 2010.┬áSeven CoAS students took home top prizes. We proudly congratulate you all!


Undergraduate Students

Biological and Biomedical

Jordan Gallienetti - Biology
The orfG Gene Regulates Synechococcus elongatus Cell Growth In Replete Media
Co-Authors: Shivanthi Anandan
Advisor: Shivanthi Anandan

Humanities and Social Sciences

Kristen Domenick - Nutrition and Foods
Effects of Nutritional Information on Food Choices on a College Campus
Co-Authors: Rachel Hudes, Rachel Yik Han Chan
Advisor: Beth Leonberg

Translational and Clinical

Stephanie Vass - Psychology
Assessment of School Intervention in School-Aged Children with Sickle Cell Disease
Co-Authors: M. Renee Robinson, Chavis Patterson, Chavis Patterson, Lamia P. Barakat
Advisor: Lamia Barakat, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Biological and Biomedical

Eugenia Zandona - Biology
The Role Of Diet And Resource Availability In The Life History Evolution Of Trinidadian Guppies (Poecilia Reticulata)
Co-Authors: Sonya Auer, Susan Kilham, Jason Howard, Catherine Pringle, David Reznick
Advisor: Susan Kilham

Computation and Bio-Modeling

Micholas Smith - Physics
Effects of Ions on The Folding Dynamics of Amyloid Beta Peptide Fragment (21-30)
Advisor: Dr. Luis Cruz Cruz

Computation and Modeling

Caroline Shapcott - Mathematics
Asymptotic Distribution of the Part-Product Statistics for Random Integer Compositions
Advisor: Eric Schmutz


Mukesh Kumar - Chemistry
What a Bioinorganic Chemist Can Do to Break Down Toxic Pesticides from the Environment and to Understand the Mechanism of the Hydration of CO2
Co-Authors: Elizabeth T. Papish
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth T. Papish