Online Degrees

The College of Arts and Sciences online degree programs are designed for professionals who want to complete or advance their education online without compromising quality. Our programs offer the same accredited curricula as their on-campus equivalents and are competitive with other colleges, both online and traditional.


Things to Consider

Online degrees are unique from on campus programs in a few important ways.

  • Online courses are flexible.

    Online courses require the same time commitment as on-campus classes but can be “attended” anytime and almost anywhere.

  • Online courses require self-discipline.

    Because online courses do not meet in a standard classroom, it's important to stay connected to your professors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

  • Online courses can (surprisingly) offer more interaction than on-campus courses.

    Most online courses require discussion board participation. This allows for greater classmate interaction, opportunities for more extensive feedback, and exposure to diverse perspectives.