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Faculty Research Interests

The faculty in Drexel’s Department of Psychology is involved in a wide range of exciting research projects. Much of this research falls into the following categories, however, please check out the individual listings of each faculty member to learn more about their specific research areas.

Forensic Psychology
Clinical Health Psychology
Cognitive Neuroscience

Psychotherapy Process and Outcome
Developmental Psychology
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Pediatric & Child Psychology

Cathy Bolton, PhD

Program Evaluation in healthcare, supportive housing, and government-based social services; Design of performance metrics for quality assessment and clinical outcomes; Development of Quality Assurance Programs; Leadership for moving organizations toward decision making that is data informed; Management of Analytic and Performance Improvement Teams in Healthcare; Implementing Systems and Change Leadership to sustain Compliance with Regulatory Bodies; Advocacy for the Creation and Use of Integrated data that brings information together to drive development of best practices for specialized populations and cohorts of healthcare and social service users

Meghan Butryn, PhD

Obesity treatment; physical activity promotion; lifestyle modification; eating disorders prevention; behavioral therapy; acceptance and commitment therapy

Douglas Chute, PhD; C Psych

Neuropsychology and rehabilitation; Technological applications for the cognitively compromised and those with acquired brain injuries

Brian P. Daly, PhD

Evidence-based psychosocial interventions for youth; school mental health promotion; prevention and resiliency in urban youth; assessment and treatment of children with chronic illness; and, adolescent risk behaviors.

David DeMatteo, JD, PhD

Psychopathy; Forensic mental health assessment; Testing in forensic assessment contexts; Drug policy research

Evan Forman, PhD

Clinical Psychology; Mechanisms and measurement of psychotherapy outcome; Cognitive-behavioral and acceptance based psychotherapies; The development and evaluation of acceptance-based interventions for health behavior change (for problems of obesity and cardiac disease) as well as mood and anxiety disorders; Neurocognition of eating

Jennifer L. Gallo, PhD

Neuropsychology of aging and dementia; Neurocognitive correlates of goal-directed activities; Behavioral and psychological symptoms associated with dementia

Pamela Geller, PhD

Clinical and health psychology; Stressful life events and mental and physical health outcomes particularly in the area of women's reproductive health

Naomi E. Goldstein, PhD

Forensic psychology and juvenile justice; Juvenile justice research and program evaluation; Juvenile justice policy and practice reform; Adolescent development and decision-making capacities; Miranda rights comprehension and juvenile confessions; Juvenile probation system reform; Dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline; Anger management with girls in the juvenile justice system; Reducing rates of disproportionate minority contact with the justice system

Kirk Heilbrun, PhD

Forensic mental health assessment; Violence risk assessment; Risk management; Interventions to reduce risk

James Herbert, PhD

Anxiety disorders; Cognitive behavior therapy; Acceptance and mindfulness based psychotherapies; Teletherapy; The role of empiricism in clinical psychology

Thomas Hewett, PhD

Human computer interaction; Cognitive engineering; Design of computing systems to support creative work

Adrienne Juarascio, PhD

Enhancing treatment outcomes for eating disorders and obesity; Acceptance-based behavioral treatments; Evaluating mechanisms of action in behavioral treatments

John Kounios, PhD

Cognitive psychology/cognitive neuroscience, focusing on human memory, problem solving, intelligence, and creativity; Specialization in electrophysiological methods (EEG, ERP), and other behavioral and neuroimaging methods (e.g., fMRI)

Nancy Raitano Lee, PhD

Neuropsychological and neuroanatomic correlates of intellectual and developmental disabilities; Language, reading, and executive function in Down syndrome and other genetic disorders; Comorbid autism spectrum disorder symptoms in youth with genetic disorders; Neuroanatomic correlates of individual differences in typical and atypical cognition

Michael Lowe, PhD

Psychobiology of eating and weight regulation (dieting, treatment and prevention of eating disorders and obesity); Social cognition (empirical study of conscious and unconscious cognitive processing)

Danette Morrison, PhD

Social and academic motivation within school context; Social relationships and identity development; Educational attainment of ethnic minorities.

Arthur M. Nezu, PhD, DHL, ABPP

Biopsychosocial models of stress and coping, particularly the role of social problem solving; Applications of Problem-Solving Therapy for chronic illness, particularly comorbid with depression; Treatment and prevention of suicide; Prevention and treatment of behavioral health problems of Veterans and Service Members

Christine Maguth Nezu, PhD, ABPP

Contemporary Problem-Solving Therapy (PST) for mood, personality, stress-related disorders; PST for as a biopsychosocial treatment for persons with chronic illness and medical symptoms; PST for Veterans/US Service Members, and their families; Clinical case formulation; Integrative psychotherapy approaches; Emotionally focused interventions and CBT; Departmental concentration areas of cognitive behavioral and health psychology

Ludo Scheffer, PhD

Meta-cognitive development, writing, and computers; Language and literacy development in the early years in the context of family and schooling; Youth-at-risk; School violence and bullying; Program/intervention effectiveness

Maria T. Schultheis, PhD

Neurorehabilitation; Application of technology to psychology; Virtual reality technology; Driving capacity after neurological compromise; Rehabilitation of functional, everyday activities

Jennifer Schwartz, PhD

Adult Psychopathology; Evidence-Based Practice; Competency-Based Training; Competency-Based Clinical Supervision

Myrna Shure, PhD

Child development; Problem-solving interventions with children; Prevention programs

Chris Sims, PhD

Learning and decision-making under uncertainty; Visual memory and perceptual expertise; Sensorimotor control and motor learning; Computational models of cognition

Mary V. Spiers, PhD

Clinical neuropsychology and medical psychology; Memory and practical applications for memory disorders in the elderly; Cognitive health of women

Fengqing Zoe Zhang, PhD

Neuroimaging data analysis; Data mining; Bayesian inference; High dimensional data analysis

Eric A. Zillmer, PsyD

Sports psychology; Sports performance; Psychological assessment; Psychology of terrorists