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First-year Writing Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students like online and hybrid courses?

Hybrid courses have become increasingly popular. Students like the independence and flexibility of having one class period each week online while still having many opportunities to interact with their instructors. Most students in composition courses are about as satisfied with their online and hybrid classes as they are with their face-to-face classes, and many find that the online environment creates a positive classroom community.

Is an online or hybrid class harder and/or more time consuming?

Online and hybrid courses are designed to be as time-consuming and challenging as face-to-face courses. Some students find that an online or hybrid class is more demanding and time consuming. Others feel that the freedom of not being in class makes the course much less demanding on their schedules. The bottom line: students vary. It's ultimately up to you to decide what course is right for you.

Which type of course is best if I don't like to write or am a weak writer?

This is also a tough one to answer. If you have trouble communicating in writing, the rigorous practice of online communication can be great. On the other hand, you might find that you miss the regularly scheduled contact with students and the instructor of a face-to-face class. If you struggle with writing, you may find the online or hybrid class challenging because most of your communication with your professor will be in writing. On the other hand, the constant practice of writing to classmates on message boards may make you look at and appreciate writing in new ways. It comes down to you: what you need and want as a student of writing.

Can I switch to a face-to-face class if I find the online or hybrid doesn't work for me?

Certainly, but you must make the switch before week two of the term. And don't forget to drop the online or hybrid class. That said, it’s important to know that finding an available section of composition can be difficult after the first week: they fill up fast. So, think carefully before you sign up for an online or hybrid section of first-year writing.

How do I access Drexel Learn?

Drexel Learn can be accessed through DrexelOne, but it is preferred that you use to get to your classes.

Are there any technical issues I should know about?

Occasionally, Drexel Learn has to be shut down for updates. Students also report other technological problems, but most have been able to solve these problems on their own, with help from DUIT, or with the assistance of their professor.

What if I have time-management issues?

Students with time-management issues—especially in the first term—often do poorly in online and hybrid classes.

Do you have to be an online student to take online or hybrid courses?

No. Most online or hybrid composition courses offered by the English department are taken by on-campus students.