CoAS Office of Outcomes and Assessment


The purpose of academic assessment at Drexel University is to improve the overall educational experience of our students. This is achieved through assessment activities based on institutional values that aim to produce relevant and functional data for aligning curricular design, course content, and pedagogical approaches with Drexel’s mission and values. In all assessment activities the faculty and staff of the College of Arts and Sciences as a College of the University endeavors to take full consideration of the different educational and cultural backgrounds of our increasingly diverse student population. The primary objective of our assessment program is to establish a practice of action research that informs planning, and results in tangible improvements for our students.


The College of Arts and Sciences of Drexel University is committed to student outcomes assessment. Results of assessment are used to improve teaching and learning, provide validation to internal and external constituencies, support the college mission, and plan resource allocation.

Statement of Compliance

As a Middle States accredited institution, Drexel University and by extension, the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS), is committed to diligence in its efforts to capture assessment data and to create new opportunities to assess curricular processes and products concurrent with a strong emphasis on academic trends and issues. It is expected that the final product will be verifiable evidence of student achievement in knowledge, skills, and critical thinking. Results of assessment will be used to inform instruction, improve the quality of programs, provide validation to internal and external constituencies, and to aid in achieving the university’s mission and its core and experiential learning goals, defined at Drexel as Drexel Student Learning Priorities or DSLPs.


At Drexel University we are dedicated to maintaining our national standing and regional recognition as a premier center of higher education. Mindful of that dedication, the College of Arts and Sciences must commit the resources of our college to prepare our students with the 21st century skills and knowledge needed for them to take their place as responsible citizens equipped with global competence and vision [DSLP 11 and 7]. The critical key to that success is our human capital, our talented faculty and staff. To insure that our students are acquiring the skill sets consistent with professional practice [DSLP 9], the college must maintain the alignment of its programs with the development needs of business and industry as well as further professional pursuits.


  • Create a sustainable college climate for assessing student learning outcomes.
  • Support and encourage flexible approaches to assessment that are useful, cost-effective, accurate and truthful, planned and organized, and finally sustained.
  • Provide training for the process to all faculty.
  • Use assessment results to improve teaching and learning.


The College of Arts and Sciences will:

  • Provide the human, financial and physical resources needed to implement and sustain the outcomes assessment process.
  • Embed assessment of student learning outcomes into the curriculum development process.
  • Provide ongoing professional development opportunities for faculty and administrators in the area of student outcomes assessment.

To learn more about assessment and outcomes at Drexel University, please visit the Office of Institutional Research Assessment & Effectiveness website. This site is a repository of information on assessment instruments and methodologies, teaching and learning, along with resources on developing course and program level outcomes, curriculum mapping, tools for rubric creation, glossaries, and NILOA newsletters. You will also find information about the Drexel Student Learning Priorities, which illustrates the University's commitment to the overall educational experience of our students.